2005, Simmons Records / Sanctuary Records
Rating: 3.5/5


The first release on Gene Simmons? newly re-activated label which is distributed by Sanctuary records. Bag is a one man group. He does everything himself on this fine debut, from vocals and drums to mixing and producing. This is  a true solo cd.

This is one recording that cannot easily be put into a category or summed up easily. The quirky and sometimes tongue in cheek lyrics are mixed with great melodies that deliver a fresh sound to the listeners mind. At first you may not get what he?s trying to accomplish with this release where it appears to be all over the place. Songs like ?Pavement? are somewhat reminiscent of Bowie while a track like ?I Hate You Baby? is your typical acoustic ballad. There are heavy Talking Heads influences throughout the disc and some small hints of Beck. The music itself tends to get a bit funky in places while getting a good groove going. Songs like like ? I Can?t Stand Your Face? and ? I Can?t Shut My Mouth? are very catchy with their humourous and nonsense lyrics. It is refreshing these days to have a record come along and serves up some refreshing tunes when allot of stuff in the world is all doom and gloom.

If you are looking for something slightly different to feed your mind then put this on your shopping list.

1. Uh Uh Uh Uh
2. I Can’t Stand Your Face
3. Pavement
4. I Hate You Baby
5. Blown Away
6. Aye Mi Amore (I’m So F***in’ Horny)
7. Wasted
8. Afterlife
9. I Can’t Shut My Mouth
10. Starlight
11. Love Is What You Make It
12. There’s a Hole in My Heart
13. Magdalene
14. Ballad of Johnny Eunuch