Journey – Generations

Journey – Generations
Released 2005, Frontiers Records/Atenzia Records
Rating: 4.5/5

Journey, one of the worlds most famous melodic rock acts, delivers their highly anticipated new album GENERATIONS. GENERATIONS is the band?s first release on their new label Frontiers Records. Their last album, number 18, came 2001 (ARRIVAL) which was followed by the successfully 56 city Arrival 2001 world tour. After that came an EP called RED 13 and then it was silent from Journey until today.

GENERATIONS is jammed with very American melodic hardrock and when it comes to Journey the songs are brilliantly arranged with a nerve and feeling that only could be done by this band. Journey has developed their own brand and style through the years and you can hear at once when you put on this album that is an album by these guys.

I think that the new singer Steve Augeri does a wonderful job behind the mic because it can?t be easy to replace Steve Perry but Steve does great. Steve has a fitting voice for this kind of music and sometimes he sounds a bit like the old Steve (Perry). Neal is a brilliant guitar player, he can play everything and he makes it sound amazing. Ross/Deen contribute with a solid platform in the rhythm section and Jonathan has a big part in the sound with stunning keyboard playing.

There?s one big change on this album and that?s that all of the guys are singing, Steve handles 8 tracks and the rest of the songs are sang by the other band members. Deen sings on ?A Better Life? and ?It?s Never Too Late?. Jonathan on ?Every Generation?, Neal sings on ?In Self Defense? and last but not least we have Ross on lead vocals in ?Gone Crazy?.

Ross says ?Everyone is singing at least one, if not two songs on the new album. We?ve been doing that on the past few tours and the audiences love it. We?re spreading the talent around. I like to think of it as a blossoming, of new singers who have just been playing their instruments before?. I think that all of the guy?s contributions behind the mic sound OK but Steve?s are of course the best.

GENERATIONS was put together and recorded during February/March 2005 in Record Plant in Sausalito California, which is the same place where they recorded RAISED ON RADIO in 1986.

Kevin Elson has produced the album and Mike Frasier is responsible for the mixing. On this long awaited album we can look forward to hearing 13 brand new tracks, on my promo copy I have a bonus track featured called ?It?s Never Too Late?. The guys have written excellent songs, some of the songs like ?In Self Defense? fall a bit out of the ordinary frames of what Journey are all about. It enhances some faster melodic hardrock with a whole lot heavy guitar riffs by Schon. In the middle he fires off an aggressive guitar solo. Another ?different? song from Journey is ?Every Generation? which is a song that includes a mix of melodic hardrock influenced by some more soul rock?n?roll. ?Gone Crazy? is a more blues track with harmonica, those songs are the ones that don?t really fit into the Journey frame but they?re brilliant anyway.

I?m sure that no fan of Journey is going to be the slightest bit disappointed when they hear GENERATIONS because this album impresses in every possible way. They have delivered a varied album with great songs and a strong and solid production. They have a great singer and it was a fun move to let all of the members sing solo, all that along with a great guitarist that delivers razor sharp riffs makes GENERATIONS almost score fully. The only weak part of the album is the constant love theme and as always when it comes to Frontiers their cover artwork is not their strong side. It looks like when they have run out of ideas they do a cartoon background and put a weird icon on there, like they have done on this cover. I really hope that the guys drag themselves over here to Europe so we finally can see them live on stage because they have never done a real European tour.

Killer tracks ?Faith in the Heartland?, ?The Place in Your Heart?, ?A Better Life?, ?Believe?, ?In Self-Defense?, ?Better Together?.

Neal Schon ? guitar, vocals
Jonathan Cain ? keyboards, vocals
Ross Valory ? bass, vocals
Steve Augeri ? lead vocals
Deen Castronovo ? drums, vocals


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Faith in the heartland
The place in your heart
A better life
Every generation
Knowing that you love me
Out of harms way
In self defense
Better together
Gone crazy
Beyond the clouds
It?s never too late



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