Blood Cult – We Who Walk Behind The Rows

Reviewed: September 2005
Released: 2005, Rusty Axe Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

I immediately liked this better than the other Rusty Axe artist I had heard (Demonic Mortuary); this was something different, and I almost felt bad putting this one off. (Almost).
This reminds me a good deal of bands like Doom Snake Cult and Convulse. It’s trippy, lo-fi psychedelic doom-death with a solid groove and vocals from the grave. If Bathory were on ecstasy, it might have sounded much like this. I almost forgive them for naming their band after a shitty shot-on-video 80’s hackfest. (I still don’t forgive them for the album title).
The lead-off track, “Psychic Vampire,” is exactly what you don’t expect. The follow-up, “Mowcaqua Coal Mine Disaster,” is even less of what you would expect. This track hammers a little harder, but is no less left field, with its piano solo (“Taps,” of course), and bass-heavy thump. The aptly titled “Cheap Guitars” reminds me of blackened Death n’ Roll like Black Throne and the like. The depth of the melodies here is almost profound””if you were drunk and stumbling in their moshpit, this would be your favorite song.
The title track has a great necro feel, and a fantastic groove about halfway through. “”A Cult In Blood” is almost Norwegian sounding until the fuzzed-out, hallucinogenic midsection kicks in. “Redneck Black Metal” is…indescribable. Brilliant shit, I tell you””a blaze in the northern Illinois sky. Finding demented little corn-nuggets like this makes it all worthwhile. Somebody fucking give these guys a dollar.
Let’s have some honesty here: I have been a reviewer for some time now, and quite frankly, I get a lot of crap. I took one look at this package, with its awful cover, childish album title, etc., and perceived a world of purest SUCK was soon to come. Little did I realize that this would actually rule considerably, rock hard, and rock often. This actually got numerous repeated spins from me, and is likely to get more. But I never would have guessed it from the packaging. This band (and label) needs to work on the way that they present themselves; because how many reviewers simply yawned this to the “whatever” stack…wished it to the cornfield of no return?
This band is great. They have a bright fucking future ahead of them. The sheer level of left-of-center creativity and offbeat charm make the package. A less jaded listener would no doubt be consumed with them upon immediate exposure. And this band quite indeed deserves exposure. In the meantime, if they ever find a Matamoros-style body pit in Illinois…well, you know.


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Track Listing:
1. Psychic Vampire

2. Mowcaqua Coal Mine Disaster

3. Cheap Guitars

4. We Who Walk Behind The Rows

5. Owl

6. A Cult In Blood

7. Redneck Black Metal

8. Illinoisian Thunder

Reverend – Vocals/bass/guitars/keyboards
Lewy Hackett – drums
Justin H.- bass