Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2005 – Helsinki Finland

The Third Day – Sunday

Children Of Bodom

It is still a huge mystery why Bodom?s kids went and turned down the offer to tour on the Gigantour along with a bunch of other great bands as the band is and have been on real dangerous vicious strike during the whole summer. The Tuska festival wasn?t any exception in the COB books. It was more  than the obvious COB pulled a lot of people to follow as the whole field was so full that moving side or forward became more than a ?mission in possible? task. The kids unleashed a real ass kicking gig by covering a plenty of wellknown battle tunes picked up from several albums such Every Time I Die, Angels Don?t Kill, Deadnight Warrior, HateCrew Deathroll and of course Hate Me. Besides these so called COB classic ones, the pentad did an entire new tune named In Your Face available on their upcoming single. Unfortunately Britney Spears? cover ?Opps I Did It Again? wasn?t played yet?
The guitarist Roope Latvala must have undergone some kind of Lemmy/Heidfield metamorphosis as the man had real funny looking mustaches grown. Well the band has as well adopted the funny sense of humour used at Tuska. There were a few fireeffect barrels placed on the stage and the COB guys had put a couple of sausages to their skytche and grilled them in the fire coming out of one of barrels until they were ready enough for a give away to the hungry audience. Deadnight Bodom warriorkids are definitely worth of seeing if they happen to drop by to anyone?s neighbour.   


Originally the British battle metal cult name Bal-Sagoth was supposed to spread their battle metal message at Tuska, but after pulling out due to the recording commitments of the next studio album the British folk metal Skyclad was managed to book in the very last minute to replace their countrymates. Unfortunately the band never managed to reach these latitudes when Martin Walkyeier used to be in the rank, but until now when the long time friend and producer of the band Kevin Ridley had taken the vocal duties over. Better now than never. Unfortunately the area of the Sue stage wasn?t packed as it had been during appearances of other bands during the weekend however the British folk metal forerunners performed the lively and above all different stirring and funny folkish stuff with a good sense of humour, for example compared to all these styles what different kind of bands used to tend to play during these three days. The current frontman Kevin Ridley entertained the audience by telling stories about their beerdrinking parties with the Finnish own Finntroll. The female ample violist/keyboardist jumped all around the stage like a fairy playing the violen easily with several years of experience behind. The British Folk metallers definitely did an enjoyable and nice gig and offered a great deal of songs, having been picked up from several albums released on their long career. Hopefully the band will be seen in Finland again sooner or later again. 

Think Back
Spinning Jenny
A Well Beside the River
Song of No
Widdershine Jig
Another Drinking Song
The Wickedest Man in the World
Another Fine Mess
Penny Dreadful
The Anti Body Politics
The Parliament of Fools


The Finnish Northernmost suicide rockers are on their final funeral crusade criss-crossing a plenty of festivals this summer all around Europe in order to give an opportunity for people to witness one of the most successful Finnish metal bands on the stage for the very last time ever. Sentenced?s funeral march stopped by to Tuska, which wasn?t any big surprise at all. After carrying the coffin to the stage, the band kicked off set with the furious instrumental based tune Where Waters Fall Frozen and continued with the typical melo suicide rocking stuff Excuse Me While I Kill Myself. It has to be admitted the video hit track Ever-Frost sounded as good as a rope would have been surrounded around the neck.

If this is really a farewell tour now, it is kinda hard on the people to understand why the setlist has to be kept the same a gig after a gig and a festival after festival, at least up here in Finland because the metal people usually show up to several festival where Sentenced also attend as well and therefore changing their setlist would have been more than idealistic to have a little bit a variety, not focusing to the same songs all the time.

As for Sentenced?s stage appearance, as the northernmost suiciderockers are known for being quite flegmatic and kinda lazy to move their bodies on the stage, instead willing to grow the roots on the stage. However guitarist Lopakka and bassist Kukkohovi had different grips on their stage appearance compared to their Ruisrock gig a week before where the band looked bored, but guitarist Tenkula didn?t move at all, just concentrating on playing the guitar. But vocalist Laihiala moved around, but his speeches are quite stupid and had a filthy mouth. To be honest jugding by Sentenced?s performance it is about time to lay Sentenced to the ever-frost vault cos it is obvious the guys have lost the passion and interest in the gigging life?   

Where Waters Fall Frozen
Excuse Me While I Kill Myself
May Today Become the Day
Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
No One There
The Rain Comes Falling Down
Vengeance is Mine
Despair-Ridden Hearts



Evergrey has for a reason or another remained quite a mysterious band for the whole Finnish Metal-Rules.Com team even though the Swedish proge metallers have put out all in all five great power/proge influenced metallic outputs. Evergrey?s second visit to Finland had been waited for a long time amongst the powerful proge metal diggers. But for a big surprise Evergrey seemed not to appeal to big masses at Tuska as the stage area are was half empty. That could be explained as the Finnish rock band happened to pull a helluva lot of people to another side of the area.  However the Swedish five piece, fronted by charismatic guitarist vocalist Tom Englund, proved being real professional and extreme talented musicians while being on the stage. Evergrey have succeeded in creating a great deal of progessive touching and sounding songs. Judging by their live performance as well as skilled and great songs the outfit would deserve to have a large following beyond the normal metal crowd.. However the set mainly consisted of tunes like Blinded,  I?m Sorry and a number of others picked up from the last three albums. Unfortunately the band faced unexpected technical problems with keyboard and guitars, ruining their majestic powerful playing of the proge masterpiece. Before forgetting it has to be pointed out that the bassplayer Michael H?kansson had made an odd choice by dressing up to a Tom Of Finland looklike leatherdress.. What was that now a right choice after all ?!

End of Your Days 
Rulers of the Mind 
More than Fever 
She Speaks
As I Lay Here Bleeding 
I?m Sorry
Recreation Day
Mark of the Triangle 
The Masterplan
A Touch of Blessing



Is this going to be just another money related re-union or serious attempt to pay respect to one of the most important and legendary bands in the history of heavy metal ?! Well that was the first question which came in to mind when I heard about this for the  first time.
When Accept last time visited in Finland on their Farewell tour in 1996 after such a disappointment album “Predator” no one cared about them back then. I still recall that they only had pulled something like 60 people in to the Tavastia club which capacity is app. 700 and things were definitely not any better in another show of their in Tampere next day

Well things seem to change as Accept is now once again back with a ?full vengeance? attitude. They are here in Finland again, now being a headliner of the biggest metal festival of Finland. It is there are thousands of metal heads eager to witness this legendary German group playing live. To be honest it?s quite funny to see how things change so much and dramatically in a few years.

It’s been a long break and some of the members of the band haven’t been that much in touch with the music business during the last couple of years. Everybody knows that Udo has been active all the time with his own by releasing a number of new albums every year and has been constantly on tour with his own band U.D.O since the Accept breakup. As for the guitarist Wolf Hoffmann  who claims not to have touched his guitar too much lately. Instead of playing he has turned to be a professional photographer and he’s only done some playing every now and then. He released one solo album several years ago which was a mix of classical music and rock and then he did some songs together with ex -Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach for latter first solo album called “BRING ‘EM BACH ALIVE”. Bass player Peter Baltes has the same kind of story. After the breakup he did some records and touring with names like John Norum. But it’s been years since heard a single word about him. What he has told recently was that … first of all, he’s now a newborn Christian and he has some plans to release some kind of spiritual acoustic album in the future. He has also done some radio related work like commercials and stuff like that.  Original drummer Stefan Kaufmann wasn’t able to do this tour because of his back problems. Fortunately he’s still able to stay in the music business and has been doing productions for many bands and also plays the second guitar in U.D.O since 1997. He actually had to quit drums totally in the mid of the 90?s and was replaced by Stefan Schwarfmann. Besides Accept Stefan Schwarfmann has played in various German metal bands like Helloween, Running Wild and several years with U.D.O (!). As for another guitarist Jorg Fisher who used to be in Accpet back in the 80?s he wasn’t available or found anymore. But reasons for that are much more facile than Stefan K.’s case, simply no one wasn’t able to reach him and actually it’s been more than ten years since anyone in the band has heard anything about him. Because Jorg was completely missing it was obvious that Herman Frank was recruited to handle the second guitar who happened to be the second guitarist of Accept between 1983-1984 when band had a brief breakup with Jorg. It was a quite short period for Frank to be in Accept but at that time their biggest album to date “Balls To The Wall” was released and Herman had an important role on that album. Since his days in Accept Herman has his own successful band Victory, which released a bunch of albums already from the mid 80’s and the latest one titled “Instinct” saw the light of day in 2003.

So all in all this line-up was meant to be as close to the original line-up as possible under these prevalent circumstances. But how was the show then? Well to say it with one word : Brilliant

The set was kicked out with “Starlight” from the classic “Breaker” album and  was followed by “Living For Tonite” immediately. I’ve seen Accept live maybe five or six times since their first re-union in 1993 and I must honestly say that I’ve never seem them to play with such intensive attitude that they have now. There was something magical on the stage tonight. Lyrically funny “London Leatherboys” was the next, but rapidly followed by one of the most awaited songs of the evening namely “Metal Heart”, which mixed metal/classical guitar solo still remains as one of the best guitar solos ever made. The band seemed to be in the extremely good form and shape and were really having a good time on the stage. They did all classic movements like threesome guitar attacks between the songs. Udo constantly ran across the stage, clapped his hands and he wooed audience to sing choruses with him and he did succeed quite well with that all in all. The only one small negative comment must be said about Udo. Where the hell were his old trademarks, the army costumes? 

More classics followed ?Flash Rockin? Man?, ?Breaker?, ?Head Over Heels? and rarely played gem ?Neon Nights? and then it was turn of Wolf?s famous guitar solo. In my opinion it?s not wrong to say that most of the guitar solos are boring, just a waste of time and they often cause a massive invasion amongst towards a beer tent but this one was something different as Wolf?s solo consisted of four different parts and it was a mix of classical themes like: ?Bolero? and ?Hall Of The Mountain King? and it clearly proved how versatile and gifted guitar player Wolf really is. Overall he was physically in the great shape and he looked good, even without any hair, and his playing skills are still incredible. Bassist Peter Baltes looked almost exactly the same as he did in the ?old days?. He now had his long curly brown hair again there was no sight of getting older in his face. Well I wonder a little bit if it was necessary for him to play the bass solo? The mohawk headed drummer, Stefan Schwarfmann, did a good, solid job behind his massive drum set and he seemed enjoying a great time. Unlike all other guys Herman Frank appeared to look like a man in his mid 60?s with his gray hair and a very shabby looking face. Life?s been hard or something but anyhow he did a real great job on guitar and he filled his place more than well enough.

?Restless And Wild?, ?Son Of A Bitch?, ?TV War?, ?Turn Me On? the real crowd favorite ?Monsterman? and ?Love Child? continued the endless fireworks of classic metal songs and then ?Fast As A Shark? concluded the main set. Never ending encores started with ?Princess Of The Dawn? and then continued with ?I?m A Rebel?. Unsurprisingly ?Balls To The Wall? was the last song of the evening and everybody seemed to be more than happy. To be honest those encores lasted something like 25 minutes in total. These was too much a normal ? sing along in these three songs that it started to sound boring at some point ..

As I said before this show was simply brilliant even I would have liked to hear some stuff from their re ?union period also. How about doing ?Slaves To Metal?, ?I Don?t Wanna Be Like You?, ?Sodom and Gomorra? or ?Hard Attack?? Also only two songs from their best album, ?Metal Heart? (in my opinion) was not enough, but it is definitely understandably that you can?t please everyone when you only have a 75 minute schedule to play. Maybe a little bit less sing along would have relieved some more time to do some more songs?
This was a very honorable way to end the chapter of the long lasting career of this classic heavy metal band and if this really was the last tour they ever do? We bow and hail!!

Living for Tonight
London Leatherboys
Metal Heart
Flash Rocking Man
Head Over Heels
Neon Nights
Wolf Hoffman?s solo (Bolero, Hall of the Mountain King etc.) 
Restless & Wild
Son of a Bitch
TV War
Turn Me on
Monster Man
Love Child
Fast As a Shark
Princess of a Dawn
I?m a Rebel
Balls to the Wall

Once again the Tuska Open Air festival was tremendous success in the fifth time in a row in the Kaisaniemi park. Expanding the capacity of the area was indeed a worth of every inch as the capacity of the older area started being too crowded. However the future of Tuska in the Central Park Kaisaniemi in the heart of Helsinki is at the moment in jeopardy as the council of the city of Helsinki has prescribed new rules regarding the level of the decibel by reducing it from 78 db to 65 db and besides the rent price of the Kaisaniemi park is going to raise an incredible lot for events of upcoming years. WAKE UP, the council of the city of Helsinki, you have to be out of your minds when setting up such weird rules. Obviously those ones who made up those regulations haven?t realized or calculated right how much local shops and bars situated nearby the festival area make the money during the three day metal weekend. However all kinds of drug oriented etno festivals can be arranged in the same park without any problems. The whole organization of the Tuska festival deserves nothing but utter respect from Metal-Rules.Com for arranging such a blasting great and well arranged metal festival in Helsinki. It is generally believed they have a huge motivation and passion to carry on the festival in Kaisaniemi and offer unexpected surprises the metal people with interesting and exciting names in upcoming events. At least the Finnish staff are definitely looking forward to the upcoming Tuska events
As usual the Finnish Metal-Rules.Com metalsquad therefore thank the people behind the Tuska festival for everything and of course we will be there once again to enjoy the spirit of metal at Tuska 2006.   


Visit the official TUSKA site: www.tuska-festival.fi



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