Thrash Against Cancer – Saturday 9 July Bay Area

Thrash Against Cancer
Saturday July 9th, 2005
The Pound
Bay Area San Francisco

By Swissman

Cancer is an evil illness anyway but when it strikes a child it is a hundred times worse if you ask me. This is exactly what happened to the Regan family 2 ? years ago when right after the birth of their son Cole they found out that he had cancer. Unfortunately Cole lost the battle against cancer mid 2004.

Keith Regan decided to put on a show that would help his family and other families that were affected with pediatric cancer to cover some of the financial costs that you incur when you are going through such an ordeal. Most people do not realize that even if your insurance covers all the medical treatment there are other costs involved like co-payments etc. Shortly after that Keith started asking his friends and bands to help him to put together a benefit show to raise money. That show became the Thrash Against Cancer show. The first band that signed up was legendary bay area thrash band Testament. To move matters along, the help of Walter Morgan the original organizer of the Thrash of the Titans (TOTT) show was enlisted. Then things started to fall into place and at the end 16 bands signed up for the benefit show.

The production was huge 16 bands on 2 stages. The doors opened at 2:30 and the show started at 3:30 with Righteous Sire an old school  bay area band from the early 80?s. It was great to see the great turn out right from the beginning. After every band there were items given away including guitars, t-shirts, and other cool stuff. Every paying person got a raffle ticket and many people won cool prices including a custom guitar made by Halo guitars.


The next band scheduled was Mystic Rage on the inside stage. I have never heard them before. They were a tad more nu metal than I am used to but not bad at all.

On the outside stage it was time for one of my all time favorites Dreams of Damnation. They played original music as always but also some Dark Angel since Jim Durkin the guitar player of DoD was in Dark Angel. It is always a treat to see them play they have always been great musicians and also great friends Jim and Loana enlisted new musicians and they tore it up, I was told later that the new guys were just in the band for 3 weeks.


Then it was time for Anger as Art, Steve Gaines new band. I was blown away by the sheer intensity they put out. All I can say is buy their album, they slay!

After that  Neil Turbin?s Deathriders hit the outside stage. It was nice to hear some of the original Anthrax classics as well as some original material by Neil. Despite some issues with the microphone he pulled it off. How cool it was to see the original singer of Anthrax do Metal Thrashing Mad the only Anthrax song that was recorded in the studio by all three singers.

Kaos was next on the inside stage. It is always awesome to see this underrated bay area thrash band. To top it off, they played Kill on Command by Vio-lence the whole crowd went nuts. You guys have got to check them out ( 


Outside it was time for old school veterans Agent Steel. This was my first time seeing them missed them twice before, they were incredible. Such a treat to watch Juan and the guys tear it up. Some of the nicest people too. On the inside it was time for Brocas Helm. Interesting band with quite the stage act. They are always very entertaining to watch. It reminds me of some kind of a Jules Verne book.

Vicious Rumors was supposed to be next but due to scheduling conflicts with Ira Black and Metal Church they couldn?t make the show. Instead it was time for Laaz Rockit. I have had the pleasure to see them once before this year at Effenaar and I have to say they tear it up everytime. They were on a roll that night again. Specially since this was the first show in their hometown in over 10 years. Again they opened up with my favorite song Fire in the Hole.  If you ever get a chance to go see them it is a must.

On the inside it was time for Dekapitator. Good solid thrash with lots of energy. They could headline gigs and should be touring. Check them out. On the outside it was time for my dear friend Katon and Hirax to come on.

If you have never seen Hirax you will be in for a treat. The intensity and the power that Hirax gives out is amazing and insane. To see Katon sing is like seeing a mental patient on parade. A pure treat  of intense metal with a hint of hardcore. You got to love Hirax go out and see them if you can.

Next came Mudface inside. Ted Aguilar?s (Death Angel) new band. This was the bands first show and they pulled it off great. I am very sure you will hear more from Mudface in the near future.

The last band closing on the outside was Testament with the original lineup. They haven?t played the bay area in the original lineup in about 15 years. It was amazing to see about 800 people go nuts for that. Zetro came out and sung Alone in the Dark with Chuck. I love when bands sing duets like that. This one is near and dear to my heart since I do love Legacy. Since there was a curfew the rest of the show was going on, on the inside stage.

Next up was Imagika also a bay area thrash band that has been around for many years. The have one of the best female bass player if not the best. To finish up the evening Hangar18 a Megadeth tribute band played and  around 2 AM the day came to an end. It was great to see all these people coming out to support such a worthy cause. All in all a wonderful and rewarding day. 


Visit the official site of Thrash Against Cancer