Sauna Open Air Metal Festival, Tampere, Finland, 9th-11th of June 2005

Saturday 11th of June 2005


Main stage

T e r ? s b e t o n i  (3:30 PM)

Luxi: So what?s the thing with Ter?sbetoni? The band has become extremely popular here in Finland by their lousy 2-penny Manowar ?cloning and people just seem to dig the hell of them??! I just neither get it… nor would give a flying fuck for them. They sound and look incredibly ridiculous and dumb on the stage, so how can they be taken seriously by anyone? Even Matti Nyk?nen (the most successful and famous Finnish ski jumper who always looses control under influence of ?The King Alcohol? and does some totally absurd yet insane things because of that… currently fronting a ?Jailhouse Rock? -type of project band, by the way) and his so-called ?(ex-)wife? named Mervi together have more so-called ?die-hard credibility? in a live situation than this Ter?sbetoni could ever possibly churn out from themselves and make them look somehow a bit ?smarter?, like you know, a more seriously taken act, even by accident. But they fail at every level and I almost feel sorry for them. Ter?sbetoni should seriously be credited as ?The Biggest Joke in Heavy Metal in 2005?, even by international standards. No kidding, folks! O?my Holy Goat, it?s just unbelievable how some bands can suck so much ? and some other bands even more just like Ter?sbetoni do (also nicknamed as ?Ev?spekoni? here in Finland; translation by a request only!). I just lost my ?hard-as-steel-beton? boner, dammit! May their paths be shorter than their hairs…

Niko: I?ll try to put this straight and simple… Try to listen to ?Taivas Ly? Tulta (unfortunately way too often played song in some unnamed Finnish radio stations)? when you?re suffering from ?near-death-experience-hangover?. Both of them suck… big time!!



S e n t e n c e d  (4:30 PM)

Luxi: Sentenced have had their own ?ultimate farewell / funeral? tour going on for quite some time already, and one of these last of their gig dates was booked to Sauna Open Air Metal Festival, too. When being mirrored from that perspective, Sentenced?s gig obviously belonged in the ?must-see? -category for most of us festival guests more than anything. Sentenced?s set was a pretty collection of songs from the band?s last five albums. It was a solid set of some of the most immortal tunes the band has penned in their career. 

The band kicked off their set with ?Where Waters Fall Frozen? which really put the blood and sweat flowing amongst the massive crowd that had gathered to see their ?Northernmost Killers?? one of the very last gigs under a hot sun. ?Excuse Me While I Kill Myself? followed instantly, and right after that Ville Laihiala, the band?s luminary vocalist, started his own ?one-man-show? in which he was introducing every song in his own sarcastic way in-between the songs – also thanking people for coming over to see them and for their years of never-ending support for the band. Ville proved to a real showman; something like I never expected from him. Like a badly behaving motor-mouth in flesh and blood; a real Heavy Metal comedian of some sort…!

Overall Sentenced convinced me by churning out a well thought-out set of songs, making one of their last shows more than worthwhile for each of us, the Sentenced fans, who had dragged their asses to see them at that night  probably even for the very last time in Tampere (!).  The band had originally planned to play ?End of the Road? as the very last encore of their set, but since Miikka Tenkula?s back started hurting like hell during the band?s performance, he wasn?t able to continue playing after they played ?Vengeance Is Mine?, but left the stage in great pains (as it appeared later on). However, that minor incident still didn?t affect my general impression about how well-prepared the guys were in order to make sure they would play and leave an ultimate experience for their fans to be remembered for the rest of their lives. Of course I would have been great if they had included a couple of more songs from the absolutely brilliant AMOK album in their already strong setlist – such songs like ?Phenix? and ?New Age Messiah? ? or ?Forever Lost? for example, but since that was a whole different era for Sentenced, and they had less than hour to pull their set through, it?s pretty understandable that no other songs (besides ?Nepenthe?) from that particular album were included to the band?s menu of ?The Last Supper?. As a somewhat remarkable symbolical thing, the band had also dragged a coffin on the stage as sort of a sign ?It?s been fun, dear folks, but it cannot last forever…?, so I guess we all need to thank the Sentenced -guys for a gig well-done at the S.O.A. -festival, and for entertaining us for years both via their albums and playing live. So hats off folks: THANK YOU Sentenced… at least for one last time.

The most important stage set-up of SENTENCED… a coffin.

Niko: Amongst one of the best performances I?ve managed to see from Sentenced thus far. It would have been nice to hear more songs from the thoroughly brilliant AMOK album than just ?Nepenthe? only. Well, I guess it?s hard for them to please everyone, so I stop my whining right here. As the final stone-hard statement about their well-done gig, in my opinion Sentenced?s performance was definitely one of the highlights at the festival when it comes to the Finnish bands anyway. Just too bad my chances to see them playing live again, are relatively minimal. Keep in your mind, Sentenced are doing their farewell tour as we speak, so…


Sentenced?s setlist

Where Waters Fall Frozen
Excuse Me While I Kill Myself
May Today Become the Day
The Rain Comes Falling Down
Despair Ridden-Hearts
Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
No One There
Vengeance Is Mine



M E G A D E T H  (8:00 PM)

Niko: How tight do you think you are able to play live? Shit… just look at the Megadeth ?dudes performing live then because they are damn phenomenal at it! I think this time Megadeth proved very well to all of us how professional and seriously taken live act Dave & co are. Megadeth?s live sound was very good and the guys? playing was damn tight and extremely pleasing to watch from every single angle. Even if I?m not a huge fan of Megadeth?s recent releases, I gotta say I?ve always liked first three Megadeth albums very much; in fact their 1st three albums are the best Megadeth ever musically in my opinion. But as for the gig itself, there was certainly something extraordinary magical going on in their set that contained many ?true diamonds? from the band?s entire career (?Skin O? My Teeth?, ?Wake up Dead?, ?In My Darkest Hour?, ?Hangar 18?, ?Rattlehead? ? and the list goes on…). The crowd was storming around when the band started, and none of the people in the crowd was able to settle down ?till the show came to the end. Even Dave Mustaine himself looked satisfied about the response they received from a very well supportive and loud festival people. Megadeth indeed did play a surprisingly good set… and yes, they played ?Wake up Dead?, so I probably could have not been more pleased than I was during Megadeth?s whole show.

Guitar wankery ?la Dave Mustaine

Luxi: My good fellow brotha of old-school Metal Niko didn?t leave me much else to add about Megadeth?s gig really. I have to say that I was also somewhat blown away by seeing the band?s immensely tight gig and overall a lengthy set they did at S.O.A. as the last headlining act of the whole festival. The whole band was in a great strike and Megadeth played a respectable lengthy set for the crowd; close to 2 hours, so in every sense we could state that these 4 American Metal heroes earned lots of respect from a greatly enthusiastic crowd for offering such a fine and strong set of some of the most known Megadeth -stuff that has brought them to such a level of popularity amongst Metal fans where they rightfully belong to nowadays. All in all, Megadeth made this evening worthwhile for me, crowning the whole festival by their absolutely wonderful stage presence and brilliantly chosen set of songs. After seeing them live, it was nice to leave the festival and start heading back to home in ticklingly great spirits to change wet pants.



 Megadeth?s setlist

The Boys Are Back in Town (intro)
Blackmail the Universe
Set the World Afire
Skin O’ My Teeth
The Scorpion
Wake up Dead
In My Darkest Hour
Something That I’m Not
Die Dead Enough
Hangar 18
Return to Hangar
Symphony of Destruction
Kick the Chair
Back In the Day
Sweating Bullets
Tornado of Souls
Peace Sells… But Who?s Buying
Angry Again
Train of Consequences
Holy Wars… The Punishment Due
Silent Scorn (outro)


Radio City / Inferno ?stage

R o c t u m  (2:30 PM)

Luxi: I bet everyone of you surely remember the legendary cult movie ?Spinal Tap?, correct?! Good… I can spot a little army of raised hands here and there… and even more up there. What about a movie called ?Bad Taste? then? Does it ring a bell at all? Good… good. Roctum, this band full of today?s and yesterday?s Heavy Metal heroes; an embodiment of what we should honestly call ?an utter crap? or ?a real stinker? or ?the best adult entertainment that is out there these days…? – or whatever your nasty mind may produce spontaneously, is actually better than a short scenery of some ugly and perverted entertainment at worst in sense of… well, in sense of ?a bad taste? – I mean, in a positive tone of the word, kind of. Are you still following me? Well, worry not as neither do I. 

“FUCK-SHIT…!! We can pose… a real Heavy Metal style!!”

The Roctum fellows are funny to watch live when they start ?rolling (*auts*)? around on a stage. They do many things there like all real rock bands tend to do; having a big stage show with an eye-catching pyro-technique, bombs, fire crackers, balloons (!), even rolls of toilet paper (!?) and… simply just everything you can imagine in your wildest dreams! They are not exactly like Kiss, or W.A.S.P. ? or not even like Finland?s own ?Heavy Rock monsters? Lordi, but they are still able to put up a pretty show with a bunch of ingredients they have got in their soft hands to play with. As a matter of speaking, they are actually THAT bad you cannot avoid the temptation and start liking them. Roctum smells, stinks and looks damn fuckin? ugly – and they are damn good at it, too; like they are meant to be in the first place. I?m sure you don?t only wanna hear them live by your own ears, but also ?experience? them live by your own eyes. And there?s a HUGE difference between these two things, I can tell!!   ;=)



K i u a s  (4:30 PM)

Luxi: Let?s make an award: The most boring and dullest live band at the Sauna Open Air Metal Festival in 2005 was… Dear brothers and sisters, may I proudly present: Kiuas!! (*feel free to insert some handclaps and other acts of ?excitement? here*)



M o o n s o r r o w  (6:45 PM)

The crusade has just begun… M O O N S O R R O W

Luxi: Booze, blood, naked upper bodies, lots of some heavy, Finnish quality swear words, mockery of Lord C.R., uber-lengthy Pagan Heathen Metal songs… and even more booze! That?s what the whole concept for the Moonsorrow ?camp seemed to be all about during the band?s performance at S.O.A.!! Dave Mustaine from Megadeth had almost just recently declared loud and clearly for the big public that Megadeth won?t be sharing any one-off shows or festivals with any band that might have something to do with Satanism or ?the Devil?s work? of any kind. He had personally made a holy contract with Mr. Jesus Christ, this bastard child of God, that Medadeth shouldn?t be associated with bands with satanic (or pagan for that matter) themes, so I think the organization of the S.O.A. festival should have respected Dave?s request (well, I’m glad they didn?t tho). Well, Slayer and Moonsorrow obviously weren?t satanic enough acts for St. Mustaine, so here they were – both latter mentioned acts sharing a jolly festival spirit and atmosphere and playing at the same festival together with Megadeth. An unholy union between good and evil had been finally reached and made? Fuck that shit…!! Who the fuck cares… I mean, seriously!

When Moonsorrow started a bloody ?pagan feast? of their very own with a pompous-like epic track titled ?Jumalten Kaupunki? off the band?s KIVENKANTAJA album, lots of festival people (some even with Viking swords in their hands!) had already gathered very well in advance to see their short 35-minute gig around the Inferno ?stage. The band seemed to enjoy being onstage despite some minor technical problems which made their live sound suffer at times. Moonsorrow?s frontman, the vocalist and bassist Ville ?Seponpoika? and the band?s drummer ?Baron? Tarwonen looked like they both were in a somewhat hilarious mood during their whole set. Quite obviously these two particular blood-covered warriors had drunk something ?a bit stronger? than just a few drops goat?s milk straight from the Viking horn before it became Moonsorrow?s turn to sink their swords into the heart of the crowd. Having only 5 songs in their setlist, the mighty Moonsorrow warriors? show was well-received by the audience – and a lesson in an intransigent Pagan Heathen Metal was concluded by Moonsorrow?s personal greetings to the leader of Megadeth, but let their ?message? remain unpublished this time in order to avoid possibly some further explanations (or excuses or statements or whatever really…) what kind of things you can actually spit out from your mouth and blame on too much alcohol for the things that kind of ?slipped? out from your main hole in your head, let?s just say, ?accidentally?, yet you still will be forgiven.

Well, time to go to see Megadeth next…

Niko: For me this was the first time ever to witness Moonsorrow live, so for that reason I really cannot make any comparisons to anything what to expect from them as a live band. The band sounded pretty good altogether, and even if some technical difficulties emerged during their set, it didn?t slow down our Viking heroes at all. In all honesty it would have been nice to see Moonsorrow playing on the main stage tho. In my opinion a small stage just did not do much justice to their music and performance. Moonsorrow reminded me quite a bit of the old Bathory -stuff musically (BLOOD FIRE DEATH/HAMMERHEART ?era), but they have definitely got a sound of their own. They were good live, too ? unlike some other bands at the very same day…



Moonsorrow?s setlist

Jumalten Kaupunki
Aurinko ja Kuu



So, as some sort of a ?summa-summarum?:

S.O.A. 2005 was a very nice and pleasing experience from every possible standpoint. The weather was wonderful (maybe even too hot for some of us), lots of excellent bands on the bill, catering services were good and varied enough, beer was cold, but somewhat expensive at the main venue (5 Euros for a tankard of 0,4 L ale) unless you didn?t have a VIP/Guest -pass because it cost 2,5 Euros only at the backstage area and all the food there was free. Overall the atmosphere at the festival was outstanding which, like I already mentioned, was greatly supported by the sunny and hot weather. And even if there was like 7000 people gathered for the festival each day, I didn?t see any fights between anyone. Guess that?s why some sort of ?unity? thing is a commonly known concept amongst Metal -fans all over the world…  :=)

But c-ya folks next year again; same time, same place, so until then, take good care of both yourself and your friends around you. Cheerz, ?kippis?, horns up, metal muthafukkas, whatever… 

Your relentless reporters in ?Old Nick?s? service,

Luxi & Niko (“In the name of Metal” ,,/  ,,/ )  


The beauty… and the beast!! 








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