Sauna Open Air Metal Festival, Tampere, Finland, 9th-11th of June 2005

Friday 10th of June 2005 


Main stage

K o t i p e l t o  (3:30 PM)

Luxi: ?Look Niko! There?s something?s happening now on the main stage…?.
Niko: (*grabs a hand program from his pocket and takes a short glance at it*) ?It?s supposed to be Kotipelto up next there performing onstage, I guess…?.
Luxi: ?A-ha, I see… I think I?m going to skip that one. Do you wanna see them or wanna join and have a cold beer with me?”
: ?Jesus… now I?m hearing someone?s talking seriously. Let?s have a beer…!”
: ?Sounds like a good plan then. So let?s get going… I mean, as quickly as we possibly can…!!?


(*No Kotipelto pics in here at all?! Oh-no… isn?t that just too bad?!*)


 Kotipelto?s setlist

Seeds of Sorrow
Lord of Eternity
Coldness of My Mind
Evening’s Fall
Travel Through Time
Waiting for the Dawn (+ gtr solo)
Can You Hear the Sound?
Take Me Away
Hunting High and Low (Stratovarius cover)
Bass solo
Black Diamond (Stratovarius cover, with Timo Tolkki & Jens Johansson)



S o n a t a   A r c t i c a  (5:30 PM)

Highly popular Finnish Power Metal outfit Sonata Arctica left only one thinkable choice to your poor reporters to keep themselves busy for a while – let?s say, by using the following miserable excuse for missing Sonata?s gig somewhat on purpose:

Niko: ?Damn… it?s so hot here, isn?t it Luxi? I?m sweating like a little, pink pig…?.
Luxi: ?Yeah, it?s actually ?very hot? in here my fellow brotha Nicodemus, but I guess you already know what we should do about it, don?t you Niko?”.
Niko & Luxi: ?Long live the taste of a cold beer…!!”  ;=P

(*insert your own Sonata Arctica ?pics right -> h e r e <-  if you feel like*)

Sonata Arctica?s setlist

Dream Thieves
Blinded No More
Victoria’s Secret
My Land
Kingdom for a Heart
Black Sheep
8th Commandment
Don’t Say a Word
The Cage
We Need Some Vodka!



D I O  (8:00 PM)

Ronnie?s charisma onstage is unbeatable… 

Luxi: The title for the ?Best Performance at the Sauna 2005 festival? belonged rightfully to… ladies and gentlemen: The mighty Dio!! Yeah, who would have guessed that a die-hard Slayer ?fan that I am, could ever give that much credit to Dio for being the best performer of the whole festival… even over Slayer?s set? Maybe we should blame our sunstroke for all that I had gotten during the festival? Or a slight overdose of steins of beer? Well, I don?t give a damn because Dio was simply amazing onstage no matter what others may think of them. There?s actually nothing that surprising in their set at, but it was still well-crafted, including some of the most vital Dio songs from the band?s legendary first two albums (?Stand Up and Shout?, ?Holy Diver?, ?We Rock?, etc.), a few mandatory Rainbow classics (?Stargazer?, ?Man on the Silver Mountain?, etc.) – and finally, like icing on the cake, a couple of songs from Black Sabbath naturally of which ?Neon Knights? did surprise most of us for sure!!  It must be quite some time since they have included that particular song into their live set if I can remember correctly (?). The band?s performance was kind of pure nostalgia from the beginning of their set right to the end, and since it was heavily based on some of the truest classic tunes from Ronnie?s entire career from Black Sabbath all the way up to the most known Dio stuff, I guess it?s fair to say that?s what at least 99% out of the crowd exactly wanted to hear from them. It?s simply amazing to notice how incredibly much strength and sheer charisma this ?grand-old Heavy Rock?s superman? has got around him when he climbs up on the stage and spellbinds his loyal audience by his whole being and of course his absolutely wonderful, strong voice. I have seen Dio?s shows quite a few times in my life, but I think this particular gig was one of their best and most mind-sticking performances I have witnessed from them during my whole life. The whole Dio band always seems to be capable of raising an excitement level of enthusiasm right up to the roof when playing for their audience. Or has someone ever witnessed an awfully done gig from these old gentlemen?  Dio was, however, the real winner of the S.O.A. ?festival, so golden horns up for them for a strong yet very convincing show!!

Niko: I had no expectations in advance about Dio?s show, but I was certainly struck by the lightning when the band started playing on the main stage. The band?s performance was blessed by a great live sound, a pretty damn named line-up, good songs and above all naturally Ronnie?s incredibly strong voice. It was a pleasure to hear such songs from them like ?Stargazer?, ?Stand Up and Shout?, ?Holy Diver?, ?Gates Of Babylon? and ?Rainbow In The Dark?. Ronnie James Dio?s live appearance made me to wonder that it would be nice to be in such a great fit at his age…  ;=)

I?d say that Dio was undoubtedly one of the real winners at the Sauna Open Air 2005. A very good set with ?must-hear-songs? in it and overall the band?s performance was strong and I was left with highly positive vibes.  


Dio?s setlist

Killing the Dragon
Stand Up and Shout
Holy Diver
Sunset Superman
Don’t Talk to the Strangers
Man on the Silver Mountain
Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
Gates of Babylon
Heaven and Hell
Rainbow in the Dark
The Last in Line
We Rock
Neon Knights



Radio City / Inferno ?stage

M a c h i n e   M e n  (4:30 PM)

Luxi: I guess many highly positive comments have been used for this relatively sensational talented Finnish metal band Machine Men. The band has mostly become known because of their frontman?s (named Toni Parviainen) tendency to sound like sort of a cross between Bruce Dickinson and Geoff Tate whereas even Machine Men?s music got lots of influences both from Bruce?s main band Iron Maiden ? not forgetting his solo band either. Despite sounding a bit like them, the band has made their international breakthrough already. Machine Men?s 2nd full-length album titled ELEGIES is expected to come out on Century Media on 22nd of August 2005, so if you like straight and honest Heavy Metal ? and it doesn?t disturb you too much even if the band?s singer has a strong Mr. Dickinson vibe in his vocal approach, then by all means go and check them out.

As for their gig itself, as I have already seen them playing live a couple of times before here in Finland (like doing a totally awesome show at the mighty Tuska ?festival last year!), I already knew what kind of set to expect from them. ?Eddie?s favorite band? has a lot of live power to capture their fans? attention every time when they perform live. Their relatively early spot in the bill of Sauna Open Air festival didn?t affect their performance at all; quite the contrary the guys looked like they were fully as charged as some hyper-active Duracell bunnies on the stage, probably playing one of their better gigs ever as far as a pair of eyes can give any evidence for the band?s intensive stage charisma. Machine Men mostly churned out songs off their debut album SCARS & WOUNDS, but also 4 new songs off their forth-coming album ELEGIES were heard that caused quite a storm of warm and enthusiastic applauses amongst the audience. The new songs proved clearly how the band had developed a few steps further musically, leaving some of the clearest Maiden influences behind them, having been adopting something of their very own into these new tunes. All in all, I enjoyed Machine Men?s performance very much, just like other people around me obviously did, too. May this mighty Finnish talented bunch have a long life…!!

Niko: It?s interesting how much Machine Men?s vocalist Antony reminds me of Bruce Dickinson. His voice and singing style is almost similar when comparing it to “Mr.The voice of Heavy Metal?. Whilst Machine Men?s singer sounds like Bruce, I think the band still tries to avoid for riding on the top of the wave by all these comparisons to Maiden and Bruce Dickinson. All they need is some really killer yet unique songs on their way to stardom. In my opinion they suffered a bit from the small stage, too. Machine Men should have deserved to play on the main stage. Thus this was the case with a couple of other bands at the festival as well. Keep an eye on Machine Men in the future because they are determined to success, there?s just no slightest doubts of it.



Machine Men?s setlist

Betrayed by Angels
The Gift
Dream & Religion
Silver Dreams
Man in Chains
Scars & Wounds
Daytime Theatre



D r e a m t a l e  (6:45 PM)

Luxi: The Power Metal troopers Dreamtale had received an opportunity to invade the festival and play in front of a massive audience in their own hometown Tampere, and I bet that must have felt pretty darn good for them.

Since I got my own overdose out of Power Metal a couple of years ago already or so, I?ll save all of you from my (harsh) comments about the band?s ambitious performance this time around to satisfy their own fanatic audience. Fair enough? 

(*p.s. Go here –  for the pictures if you feel it?s urgent yet vital for you to see some Dreamtale?s photos taken from the S.O.A. 2005 ?festival…*)


Dreamtale?s setlist

Lost Souls
Secret Door
Angel Eyes
New Life
Where the Rainbow Ends
Wings of Icaros






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