Sauna Open Air Metal Festival, Tampere, Finland, 9th-11th of June 2005


Thursday 9th of June 2005 

Main stage 

M o k o m a  (4:15 PM)

Luxi: Time to thrash and make your neck hurt a little bit up next… Finland?s Mokoma could honestly be considered as one of the hardest working bands from Finland gig-wise ? and all that really shines through their stage performance. This long-haired Thrash ?bunch seemed to be very comfortable and secure during their 50-minute set since they started whipping the audience straight from the stage by their sharp & heavy Thrash ?bombardment ? combining mainly songs from two of their latest albums (?Mene ja Tied??, ?Haudan Takaa?, ?Kiell?n Itseni?, ?Hiljaisuuden Julistaja?, etc.). The band also played one new song titled ?Pahaa Verta? that most probably will find its way to Mokoma?s next release – at least let?s hope so as this ferocious and wild act truly does know how to thrash like the last lunatics on the Earth. As an extra addition to their madly thrashing extravaganza, they gave a fair treatment to a Death cover song called ?Open Casket? which they have changed to a more fittingly sounding Finnish name, ?Avoin Hauta?. Mokoma simply can?t do any wrong in a live situation; just like it was proved at this time, once again…  


Niko: Hmm… I guess I don?t have much to add to what Luxi already stated above. A funny episode happened during Mokoma?s gig when Marko Annala (Mokoma?s singer) shouted to the crowd: ?It?s great to play at a festival like this ? especially when one band is above all other bands…! (*at this point the crowd goes totally nuts*)”. And he continued: ?What??! I thought that band was us…!!?. Well, let?s leave some room for everyone?s imagination which band was in Marko?s mind… But yes, Mokoma?s set was really good and aggressive. They are simply a brilliant live band from every aspect.


  P a i n  (6:00 PM)

Niko: For me Pain was, to spit it out straight and honestly, a light disappointment. I was expecting the kind of set which would have contained more aggression and tighter playing from the band. And what I got was the show which was kind of mildly aggressive – but unfortunately not aggressive enough the way I could have expected. Of course it was kinda nice to see the Pain ?live girls smiling and shaking their heads and hips on the stage, playing ?Industrial Metal (!)? just as well as they were ever capable of churning it out though their instruments, but Pain has done better shows in the past, with 4 other grim-looking and bearded males filling the line-up together with the main brains behind Pain, Peter. The bassist looked like a real cutie tho… ;=) 

Somehow Pain‘s set left a feeling that Peter T?tgren wanted to reach the same sound live as on his latest album DANCING WITH THE DEAD. Good they certainly were, but nothing spectacular or anything like that after all…

Luxi: Ach so, Pain… Uh, noises… a chick… chicks!?  

Pain?s setlist

Supersonic Bitch
End of the Line
Tear It Up
Suicide Machine
Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles cover)
Bye / Die
Just Hate Me
It’s Only Them
Shut Your Mouth
Same Old Song
On And On


S L A Y E R  (8:00 PM) 

Niko: Easily one of the best bands in Sauna Open Air this year! Slayer?s set list was actually pretty damn interesting. I think some of the true highlights in their set, especially for me, were when I got to hear such tracks played from them like ?At Dawn They Sleep?, ?Necrophiliac?, ?Black Magic? and ?Show No Mercy?. However, I felt it was kinda strange when Slayer played ?Blood Red?, ?Born of Fire?, ?Stain of Mind? and ?Dead Skin Mask? in the middle of the set. However, I must say that the end of the show was pure mayhem the way only the Slayer ?guys are able to unleash it. The band churning out lots of their classic songs to the positively wildly moving and responding crowd. When it comes to the stage performance, I think especially Dave Lombardo seemed to have a lot of energy on stage. He even smashed his drumset after the show, so there was some positive vibe for the old times? sake…  ;=)


Luxi: I pretty must subscribe to everything that Niko told above except the fact that this particular Slayer show somehow seemed to be a bit a lazy performance from them out of 5 or 6 other Slayer shows I have seen from them thus far. For some odd reason, it all looked like the band just wanted to play their gig at S.O.A. as quickly as possible – and then just drive away from the festival without leaving too many alarms ringing behind them. It isn?t far removed from then truth to say their show lacked a true desire and joy to play from them in my honest opinion. But overall, it was a relatively good set from them after all. One should remember we talk about Slayer in here, so…

Tom Araya looked a bit weird as he had grown a thick, half-grey beard for himself and therefore his appearance reminded me of sort of a twin brother of Saddam Hussein (!). His whole appearance was indeed somehow, in a weird way, amusing yet kind of disturbing at the same time all in all…


 Slayer?s setlist

Darkness of Christ/Disciple
War Ensemble
At Dawn They Sleep
Black Magic
Blood Red
Born of Fire
Stain of Mind
Dead Skin Mask
Hell Awaits
Show No Mercy
Raining Blood
South of Heaven
Silent Scream
Mandatory Suicide
Angel of Death


Radio City / Inferno ?stage 

D e a t h c h a i n  (3:30 PM)

Luxi: Deathchain really never stop amazing me when they conquer the stage and this time was no exception. The band has got so much energy around them that sometimes it makes you wonder where do they get all their relentless, but still well-focused energy? The band kills on the ground, sea and air by letting their highly energetic deathrashing havoc to invade and spread to your living rooms, bed rooms, etc. ? saving no one and making everybody to sweat and bleed in a sheer excitement.  

Ok, let?s land back to the firm ground again Luxi… at least for a short while. But seriously, I have said it many times before ? and I don?t hesitate to say it again that Deathchain is absolutely one of the most entertaining bands to watch  in action onstage. The intensity level is always very high (just like it should be) and they refuse to give nothing less than 110% for their fans. Bursting out their furiously blazing load of energy all around the crowd, like giving exactly the kind of show to the fans they expected to hear and see from them. And that kind of performance was offered to them by the Deathchain blokes. The band concentrated on playing songs off their very well received debut opus called DEADMEAT DISPICLES, but I was glad they also wanted to introduce a brand-new song ?Graveyard Wichery? off their yet-untitled 2nd album to the audience as well which was also greatly received amongst the people in a pretty wildly acting crowd. As a totally unexpected surprise, for most of us I guess, it?s safe to say Deathchain?s cover version from one of the Swedish thrashers At The Gates? classic songs, titled ?Blinded by Fear?, crowned the set nicely for everyone. The band left the stage in high spirits from  great show, and according to some comments that were made by a few people amongst the festival people, they left the venue satisfied, getting ready to see another Finnish Thrash troopers Mokoma next on the main stage… 






Deathchain?s setlist

Rabid Vultures
March of the 1000 Legions
Morbid Mayhem
Carrier of Pestilence
Graveyard Witchery
Chaos Wartech
Skeletal Claws
Poltergeist (The Nemesis)
Panzer Holocaust
Deadmeat Disciples
Blinded by Fear (At The Gates cover)


A m o r a l  (5:00 PM)

Luxi: I have never been THAT keen on this Finnish Death Metal outfit called Amoral, so I had no expectations of any kind towards them in advance when I moved my lazy ass to see them. The band?s brutal Death Metal seemed to appeal to many, but unfortunately to my eyes they seemed a bit too tedious and… just boring.

There?s two kinds of ?brutal Death Metal? nowadays; both good and bad ? and Amoral dropped somewhat painlessly under the latter mentioned adjective, I?m afraid…  :=/


N o r t h e r  (7:00 PM)

Luxi: The guys of Norther have surely earned their place amongst (younger) metalheads, lately trying seriously to get rid off their ?bodomesque? -influences in their sound and kinda well succeeded in doing so even. Norther played a relatively tight show at S.O.A. which contained songs basically from the band?s latest mini-CD SOLUTION 7 (?YDKS?, ?Day Zero? and ?Hellhole?) up to their latest full-length albums (?Unleash Hell?, ?Midnight Walker?, ?Death Unlimited? and so on). The whole band seemed to be in a good mood at the Radio City/Inferno -stage of S.O.A., and to me it seemed like every band member enjoyed what they did during their own performance. It was also good to see that such a big amount of people had gathered to see them, so according to that the band has undoubtedly earned its own special place amongst today?s metal community.

In my opinion the band?s performance at the Sauna Open Air Metal festival was one of the most positive and better experiences that I succeeded to witness during the 3 days, and I believe many of the participants that also took the time to see Norther playing under a heating summer sun, most likely subscribed my statement somewhat openly with me. If some of you didn?t, then I should firmly believe you weren?t there while these particular fellows were giving some hard muscular treatment to their instruments – and you may probably have had some other ?important activities? going on during their performance. Chances are many and multiple anyway, I believe.  ;=)    


Night club / after show at University House

T o t a l   D e v a s t a t i o n

Luxi: When we arrived to the University House, Total Devastation were already finishing their own set, so I think it?d be better if we just skipped any kind of commentary, without saying a word about them. Maybe we will be luckier next time, you just never know…


F a f f   B e y

The legendary men play on ten…

Niko: It was over 15 years ago when I saw this band playing on stage. I can tell you that this gig was worth waiting for. Faff-Bey hailed originally from Oulu and gained a lot of reputation in Finland. On their first album BACK FROM THE GRAVE the band’s unique sound (sort of a hybrid of Punk and Thrash Metal) was introduced to the public in 1988 for the first time and since then the band has managed to gain a pretty good following for themselves here in Finland. The band played all the classics like ?Doesn?t Feel Like Laughing?, ?S/M Party?, ?Bloody Mary & The Tooth Fairy?, ?When Death Comes?, ?Dead by Dawn? and so on ? making me very happy about their set. Thanks for bringing some good memories back to all of us ?old school thrashers? Maike & co.!!

Luxi: One of the bands that I badly wanted to witness at the Sauna Open Air Festival, was without question Faff-Bey; these legendary ?saw rock messiahs? being fronted by Maike Valanne (now in The Black League). The guys had decided to reform Faff-Bey for a few gigs for this summer and I?m glad one of their gigs took place in an after show party after the gates were closed at the main venue. Faff-Bey proved to be pure gold on the stage, throwing us some of the most known evergreen Faff-Bey ?hit songs (see Niko?s list above!)? from their whole career ? and overall playing a well-chosen set of immortal songs from their past. The band played for almost a full club which only proved there?s still some serious interest toward their reunion gigs for this summer tour. It was nice to notice people?s overwhelmingly floating interest for the band during the gig. The Faff-Bey camp played a killer ?hit parade? which was well received amongst both older and younger metalheads. If I was able to wish something, I would hope Faff-Bey were here to stay… that fuckin? good they were during that night, giving absolutely their best shot for old times? sake. Thank you Faff-Bey for one more time! You guys truly ruled the ancient ruins from the past times…!!


 Faff-Bey?s setlist

The Second Funeral
Wish I Was Away
Doesn?t Feel Like Laughing
The Laugh
Bloody Mary
Domestic Pleasures
Bleed for Me
Giant of Kurikka
When Death Comes
Dead by Dawn
No Rule
Disgustingly Depraved
S/M Party
Cunt Wanking Men






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