Crackwhore – Inner Piece

Reviewed: July 2005
Released: 2005, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Spawned from the ashes of the mighty Abused, Vancouver’s Crackwhore have unleashed INNER PIECE, a 13-track, 25-minute slice of brutal gore/grind in the vein of Exhumed, Mortician, Gorerotted and early Carcass. Offal’s vocals are gurgled and processed beyond any comprehension but pig squeals and other bodily functions round out his delivery. The rhythm section of Mister Nasty and Bitchslapper lay down a solid groove on most tracks while the infernal blasting is right on par with the genre. Violator’s hyperspeed riffing and use of pinch harmonics is nothing out of the ordinary but he does possess some chops that get to shine. Clips from various films including AMERICAN PSYCHO are used as segways between the ultra-short tracks (most are under two minutes in length) and the whole mess is over before you know it. One skim of the lyrics and you will be physically ill (not to mention the cover art), but Crackwhore has nailed a spot on the map with INNER PIECE.

The instrumental “Ripped For Her Pleasure” is a dizzying sea of chaos with screams of agony/ecstasy that gets the ball rolling. Violator lays down some mighty riffs on “Beware of Dog” and the squealing continues on the killing “Meat Is Meat.” Bitchslapper’s relentless blastbeats resonate through the track whose groove is unmatched anywhere else on the CD. “From Torture To Climax” contains a searing solo and the use of film clips creates a truly creepy ambience. However, the worst comes in the track “Feeding The Pigs.” A serial killer named Robert Pickton terrorized Vancouver’s skid row for years before finally being apprehended on his pig farm in 2003. Authorities and the local public were horrified to find out that Pickton not only killed dozens of drug-addled prostitutes but destroyed the evidence by grinding their bodies into pig feed at his pork farm. The real shock, though, came when police began releasing warnings to the public not to eat pork products processed at the Pickton farm because they may contain human remains. For years, the leftovers from dead prostitutes were being turned into sausages, bacon and other pork products that people consumed with their eggs and toast on Sunday mornings. Crackwhore’s treatment of this subject is in gleefully bad taste but despite the close-to-home horrors of the whole story, even I couldn’t help but chuckle at the lines “Gather my children/Our dinner is served/Enjoy the taste of…Crackwhore gravy/Supplied off Davie.” Brilliant!

Crackwhore isn’t doing anything new on INNER PIECE but what they do, they do well. As veterans of the local underground scene, the musicianship is superb and the songwriting is top-notch. Much like Mortician, I always enjoy a good horror film clip to dress up a song and there are plenty to found here. Shocking x-rated lyrics, crude subject matter and with an affinity for the tasteless and politically incorrect, Vancouver’s Crackwhore gets the job done with INNER PIECE.

KILLER KUTS: “Meat Is Meat,” “Feeding The Pigs,” “From Torture To Climax”


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Track Listing:
1. Ripped For Her Pleasure (Instrumental)
2. Beware of Dog
3. Humiliated and Dead
4. Meat Is Meat
5. The Right To An Attorney
6. Trespassers Will Be Shot
7. Murder In The First
8. Feeding The Pigs
9. Razor Blade Apple
10. Cockroach
11. Chainsawdomized
12. Beaver Cleaver
13. From Torture To Climax

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