Angels & Demons Descend DownUnder

Wednesday 23 March
The Metro, Sydney, New South Wales
Nightwish photos by Leisa

THANK THE METAL GODS! Finally, a decent venue. Have I mentioned I love The Metro. It used to be a theatre, therefore the stage is a decent size and a good height. Also, most of it is tiered giving everyone a place to see NIGHTWISH without obstruction. I lost my father before NIGHTWISH even got on stage?he found a comfortable seat towards at the top of the room. Most would be relieved to get rid their parents, but I was worried he?d ogle some woman like he embarrassing did on our European trip last year.

The Metro show had sold out?no surprise?and you could just feel the atmosphere of anticipation as I walked between the people waiting for the show to start, stepping over their pools of drool.

The show was excellent. Sight and sound were perfect even with hired equipment. Hell, we even got the proper ONCE backdrop, which was not used in Melbourne for fear of it leaving no room on stage for the band. Even NIGHTWISH seemed in better spirits?I?m sure I?ve never seen Tarja smile so much, nor so warmly, as she did when she walked onto that stage seeing a sea of eager, smiling faces and metal salutes greet her. Of course, my perception had absolutely nothing to do with my ecstatic frame of mind.

This time I was able to see guitarist EMPUU VUORINEN wiz around stage as he?s known to do and played ?like a tiger? (Australian cricket joke?see photo). I must make special mention of JUKKA NEVALAINEN?s drumming in the introduction of Planet Hell, where he seems to get a mini drum solo. His drumming power really stands out live; unfortunately, it?s dulled on the cd under the introductory vocal samples.

There was a noticeable lack of NIGHTWISH tour t-shirts, and unfortunately, the Sydney show was marred by one idiot screaming out: ?Where?s my t-shirt?? as the crowd silently listened to the introduction of Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan. Ever professional, if Tarja heard it, she made no indication.

It was great to see the members of ANGRA enjoying the show unharrassed?probably something they couldn?t have done in Japan, we still can?t decide if it was Devin Townsend at the show as well or just a doppelganger.

Again towards the end of the show Marco passed around his bottle of Stolichnaya vodka to the rest of the band, again communicating his disappointment at having to drink ?cheap Russian vodka?. The Russian heritage in my blood must protest these slanders! Russian vodka might be cheap in Finland, but that bottle of Stolichnaya costs much more than Finlandia in Australia, so put that in your bottle and drink it, Mr Hietala. Anyway, I prefer Absolut.

This time there was plenty to go around and even Tarja took a swig after much encouragement from the crowd. Following the drinking, I must admit, it was me who lead the ?Aussie? chant for the band. Yes, I?m the big mouth, and very unoriginal, but NIGHTWISH seemed to appreciate it and some of the Sydney crowd liked it; one person in front of me turned around and even gave me the metal salute.

One thing about the Sydney show disappointed me?the inclusion of the much-loved Sleeping Sun at the expense of Over the Hills and Far Away. I think Over the Hills and Far Away would have brought the house down as many of the mature members of the audience would be familiar with GARY MOORE?s musical prime, plus, I just prefer the faster, heavier NIGHTWISH songs.

Once again, I felt the quality of the show was such that NIGHTWISH played as if it was their last show. It certainly left me wanting more, and sadly, I left The Metro wishing I was going to the Brisbane show.



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