Blood Red Throne – Altered Genesis

Reviewed: May 2005
Released: 2005, Earache Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

Ignore whatever you hear the assorted press corp(se) rambling on about, in regards to the band members’ collective pedigrees (Emperor, Satyricon, Einherjer, etc.). This does not, and never has, had anything to do with any of that, and really the band is all the stronger if we just forget all about that for the time. It is beyond irrelevant. Let it go. This band is a far different beast, and has proven itself well capable of standing on its own satanic merit.
Blood Red Throne play hostile, old-school Death Fucking Metal, the way it once was played. It is blasphemous, and venomous. It is brutal; it is cruel. It has a song called “Eye-Licker.” Any band that has a song called \”Eye-Licker\” is quite alright with me. What more do you fucking want?
Signing with Earache has afforded the band the clearest, loudest, most demonic possible production a band could hope for””really, Earache ihas always been good for that sort of thing. And it must also be noted that this is third””count ‘em, the third””high caliber Death Metal album the label has released this year…and we’re only three months in. This says something. But back to the subject at hand…
Discounting the ambient intro (“Death To Birth”), the first three full tracks represent a very sinister statement of intent””“Incarnadine Mangler,” “Tortured Soul Appearance,” and (of course) “Eye-Licker” are all instant winners, without even popping the cap. It’s a thrashy, almost Floridian approach, similar in spirit to Monstrosity and Resurrection (remember them?)””or even vintage Morbid Angel and Deicide. The latter influence, in particular, shines through tracks such as the flesh-ripping “Arterial Lust,” which, alongside the Thrash-inspired “Ripsaw Resentment,” serves as a rallying cry to the Death Metal infantry. The vocals are even deeper than before, and the riffing is so upfront and clear””so unfathomably sharp, you could cut a line of coke with it. This easily ranks favorably amid Divine Rapture, Zyklon, and Drawn & Quartered for the very frontline of the new Brutal Death revival. Fans of Krisiun will adore it.
Some will argue that this is a “retro” release, easily releasable in the early nineties. And then some will nod their heads at the others, and say, “Yes, exactly.” And then they’ll beat the other wankers up.


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Track Listing:
1. Death To Birth
2. Incarnadine Mangler
3. Tortured Soul Appearance
4. Eye-Licker
5. Mephistication
6. Arterial Lust
7. Flesh To Destroy
8. Ripsaw Resentment
9. Altered Genesis
10. Smite
11. State Of Darkness
12. Deliberate Carnage

Mr. Hustler (Flemming Gluch) – Vocals
Død (Daniel Olaisen) – Guitar
Tchort (Terje Vik Schei) – Guitar
Erlend Caspersen – Bass
Bernt A Moen – Drums