The Finnish Speed – and Thrash Metal Special – Part 2


Could there still be some re-union of some Speed / Thrash Metal band you personally would like to see happening some day?

Niko (Bloodride): This is just my own personal favorite: Holy Terror

Teemu (Bloodride): Hmm? Carnivore.

Jari (The Scourger): Deathrow, Possessed, Sepultura (with Max Cavalera), Dark Angel (with Don Doty) and Pestilence (with Martin Van Drunen).

Sightless: I?m fine with the ones around at the moment. One to name would be an old Finnish underground Thrash Metal band Slayer Angel. A new version of ?Feast with the Priest? would be greatly appreciated. 

M U R D R E A D  

Tom (Murderead): Sepultura with Max on vocals would be an unexpected surprise! Also Megadeth with the ?Rust in Piece? ?line-up and Anthrax with the ?Among the Living? ?line-up would be cool! Some re-unions are just impossible (Dimebag Darrel and Chuck Schuldiner… R.I.P.).

Tuberculosis & Kusmar (Witheria): Metallica would be nice if they made a comeback, but they might be too old and rich for that. They haven’t made a Thrash Metal album in 17 years.

H a t e F r a m e

Jope (HateFrame): The greatest of them all by my opinion: Stone. Another cool re-union would also be Forbidden (“Bingo!” ~ Luxi ~).

Burning Empire: Sepultura with the original line-up… and Pantera, of course, but as we know that?s not possible any longer. Then it would be cool to see bands like At The Gates, The Crown, etc. regrouping again – just to mention a few…

Riku (Solitaire): I don?t know about the Speed?n?Thrash Metal bands, but it would be cool if Grim Reaper would get back together again?

Sami (Nailgunner): Not really, but I?ll go to see Celtic Frost if they?ll play any shows, ha-ha!

Jori (Nailgunner): Onslaught would be really nice, maybe Coroner, too. But still, it would be better for them not to do anything with like a comeback, it would probably ruin the good memories from the past. Legends should stay as legends.

T Metal N (Py?veli) : There are lots of bands that I want to see and hear if they play like the Speed / Thrash Metal bands used to play in the 80’s. (“Like what bands??” We demand some specific names…” ~ Luxi ~)


Are they some new Speed / Thrash Metal bands out there nowadays that you kind of admire and respect because of how they sound like and represent either musically or some other way?

Jope (HateFrame): I don?t listen to any of the new bands in the scene. I?m so stuck in the old ones. The Haunted made some kind of an impact on me though. Usually the new bands have too much inspiration from the Gothenburg (too overproduced for my taste, otherwise fine music) or nu-metal / mallcore scene.

Riku (Solitaire): Yeah, there?s some good bands in the underground at the moment that have this kind of a classic old-school Metal sound and songwriting style, it?s something I appreciate in these modern times of over commercial so-called ?Metal? bullshit.

Sightless: A though one. There are so many that it?s impossible to name just a few, so I name only one, Dead Samaritan. I respect them musically and other way as well.

Niko (Bloodride): Dauntless, Malicious Death, Total Devastation and Pain Confessor.

Teemu (Bloodride): I have to say that I don?t know too much what?s going on right now ?in the scene?, but Total Devastation has a good thing going on. Mokoma is not a new band, but they have their own thing which is cool. Dauntless sounded good to my ears, too.

Tom (Murdread): Codeon, De Liriums Order, Solitaire and of course our friends Scorched Earth Tactics.

T Metal N (Py?veli): Here are some Finnish Speed / Thrash bands that I respect for what they do: Mosh Angel, Wounds, Urn, Flame, Evil Angel, Malicious Death, Jumalation, Wengele, Solitaire, Hellbox, Nailgunner, Death Thrashers Kuopio, Murdread, Evoked Curse, Polluted, etc. etc. – and out of foreign Speed/Thrash Metal bands I dig such names as Nocturnal, Witchburner, Toxic Holocaust, etc. etc.

Jori (Nailgunner): Deceiver, Malicious Death, DTK (hell yeah!) and Solitaire are worth mentioning. But the best must be Sauron, really rude and unpolished stuff. Cheers to you if you guys are reading this!

Sami (Nailgunner): Toxic Holocaust, Wounds, DTK and Jumalation at least.

Seppo (The Scourger): Hatesphere is good.

Jari (The Scourger): Also Dew-scented and Nightrage are cool. Both are playing extremely well and kicks serious ass. They have their own sound and style. And then of course Soilwork, they are not that new anymore, but they have their own style and a really good singer.

Tuberculosis & Kusmar (Witheria): Can’t think of any strictly Speed / Thrash bands to truly admire right now.

Burning Empire: The mighty The Haunted!!! We think they have updated the sound of Thrash to this day. The sound of Scandinavian in Thrash Metal is something new and good.


What do you hope that you will achieve with your band within 2 years or so? In other words, what do you expect the future will bring to your band?

Niko (Bloodride): I dunno. An opportunity to release albums and lots of gigs?

Teemu (Bloodride): Well, I expect nothing, but I hope that in two years we are going to record our second album and after that do some touring? hopefully.

H A T E F R A M E… live in Hell

Jope (HateFrame): Hopefully we?ll be doing some serious touring and a few new killer albums in the next two-year period.

Kusmar (Witheria): To record a full-length album and of course to do better songs as well as some touring.

Tuberculosis (Witheria): To record an album and to do gigs on a more regular basis would be great. To make living out of this is probably too much to hope for.

Tom (Murdread): Hopefully some label interest and a lot of gigs. But some new releases will be coming your way! Time will tell if it’s gonna be just a promo-CD, an E.P. or a full-length album. But the most important thing we’d hope for is a bass player to join our ranks.

Sightless: I just want to go forward and see what future holds for us. If we?re able to do our thing without any major disasters, I?m glad. Within 2 years I hope we will be able to spread quite much more of our bloodshed and dark thoughts around this filthy globe. That?s all I need.

T Py?veli N (Py?veli): Record a full-lenght album and maybe some split-albums, etc.

Riku (Solitaire): I don?t wanna look too far ahead into the crystal ball. I?m always more concerned about the present day, where we are now and where to take the next step from here. But yeah, I hope we?ll have a new album out and a lot more gigs under our belts plus a larger fan base and a bigger status as a band. But like I said, it?s too far ahead, 2 years? shit, man, I don?t even wanna make a prediction on what happens in 2 minutes!

Jari (The Scourger): Money, women, tons of booze, our own reality TV-show, doll figures of us naked, a 1000 page biography, our own limousine… he-he, no just kidding. Maybe to record a couple of albums, tour, put together a live-DVD and just to be well received in general.

Sami (Nailgunner): Killer releases and killer shows will do!

Burning Empire: Debut album, touring, touring, touring, another album and so on… This is our dream.


Do you have any advices or tips for younger musicians to give who would like to create their own Speed / Thrash Metal bands what they should keep in their minds first and foremost if they wanted to make an impact on the Thrash Metal loving community and earn their respect indelibly?

Jope (HateFrame): Just do what you feel is right and believe in what you do. Don?t try to sound like anyone else but yourself. Originality is very important. Copying other bands will lead you nowhere.

Niko (Bloodride): I?m not in a position to give any tips to anybody?-heh!

Teemu (Bloodride): Well? now I?m in that position! So here?s my 15 seconds of fame?heh! One word: Patience! It seems that quite many young bands play together like 2-3 years and if nothing happens then they split. Playing in a band can be a great fun, but it can also be a drag. It?s only up to you how you end up with it. If you want fame, money or chicks, then you?d better try hip-hop or get a good job. Clich? maybe, but that?s the way it is. Thrashing makes you just happy (?) alcoholic with a bad neck! At least it made me it! 

“It?s time for some relentless killing again…” W I T H E R I A 

Tuberculosis (Witheria): Listen to no one, believe in nothing and thrash the place down!

Kusmar (Witheria): Practice hard and be patient. Keep the faith in whatever you do.

Jari (The Scourger): Work hard and practice 25 hours a day. Keep a humble mind and behave! Don’t sell your soul, do whatever you wanna do with your music.

Riku (Solitaire): Well, it would be nice if someone could give me tips and advices, but fucking hell, play it fast, play it loud, play it from your heart and don?t let the mainstream bite your balls off.

Sightless: Blackie Lawless once stated that everything has to grow. If it doesn?t grow, it?ll die. The only way for a band to exist a long time is to do what they really want to do and be strong enough to be able to change if needed. Heh, ?do what thou wilt shalt be the whole of the law?. Being honest to yourself and to the others, making sure that you can stand behind your words. If you know what you really want to do and why, and you?re doing it, everything is fine.

Tom (Murdread): The best advice is to make music from the heart. If it’s Thrash or something else, don’t worry about that! If it has your personality instead of your obsession to make something, then you are on your way.

T Metal N (Py?veli): I can’t speak for every thrasher, but if they want to make impact on me, they have to play fast, have a dirty sound and be total thrashing maniacs!!!

Sami (Nailgunner): They should take a fucking history lesson through 80?s Thrash Metal classics instead of forming another The Haunted rip-off or “blast-beat-driven-modern-deathrash” -nonsense.

Jori (Nailgunner): First and foremost, stay true to yourselves, whatever other people might say. And yes, take that history lesson, too, but don?t stare into the past too much. Also try to create something of your own, it?s always better to be a bit original than to be a plain copycat of certain sound.

Burning Empire: Don’t just listen to Alexi Laiho (though we have to admit that he is a very talented musician ;=), be open-minded with different styles of Metal. Don’t try to create something if it doesn’t come out naturally, remember to drink lots with your friends and be creative, that’s what we’re doing. 

Looks like… M U R D R E A D


Do you believe in the old and known phrase: ?You have to be old to be wiser…? if we could refer this particular phrase to your background in some other bands as a band member? I believe it?s still all about ?live-and-learn-from-your-musical-experiences? sort of thing in general…

Niko (Bloodride): It definitely is! When looking back now it all looks strange and amazing for me. A bunch of things have been happening and I can only hope that there?s more to come.

Teemu (Bloodride): Yeah… You can be young ?n wise, but different experiences make you understand more of how things just go. We all do have in this crew lots of things from the past, both good and bad. These experiences also make you humble which is good for us and for everyone else, of course! We don?t think that we are the next big thing or shit like that. At least I hope so!

Burning Empire: You’re right again. It’s stupid if some older Metal -expert comes to tell you how things should get done while he himself (“or why not she as well?”  ~ Luxi ~) is acting unprofessional, being too drunk to handle anything properly enough and has a gig to perform (again we don’t mention names) so in this case ?live and learn? is bullshit. We live by our own experiences and start from there.

Riku (Solitaire): No, I really don?t believe in that. With more experience you?ll get more confidence, but age hasn?t made me any wiser? ha-ha! I?m still only a kid in a 28-year-old body.

Jari (The Scourger): I’m already old, but not that wise. When you grow older you grow slower and that serenity in itself appears like wisdom. Hell, you always learn from mistakes or achievements, that’s how it goes…

Jope (HateFrame): Experience is important in this business. Sometimes the only way to learn the business is the hard way. The longer you?re in the business the more you learn to avoid the rip-off assholes. Music business is full of opportunists who try to take advantage of young ignorant musicians. Older = Wiser. Indeed.

Tom (Murdread): I guess we could all agree with that! If you fall down because of some mistake you’ve made, then usually you try not to do it again…

Sightless: Yes, ?Live and learn? has become one of my favorite phrases, but it?s actually not that simple: You may have to be old to be wise (-r), but wisdom isn?t the most important thing after all. Life is all about experiences and the will that drives you into those experiences and helps you to get everything out of them doesn?t depend on age. Naturally the elder have had more experiences than the young ones, but a young band may have gained a lot more experience from a few situations due to the attitude of indulgence. In short, it?s not all about for how many years you?ve lived, but how you?ve lived them. 

Tuberculosis (Witheria): As Judas Priest once said: “You don’t have to be old to be wise”. But now they are pretty old.

Kusmar (Witheria): I believe that you can learn from mistakes. “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.

Metal N (Py?veli): Yes, it is true that when you play or compose songs you learn lots of things. For example we had to record 4 demos to get one complete demo.

Sami (Nailgunner) : Yes, live and learn. I?m no good to advice or teach anyone, and I fucking hate when other people are telling me what?s good for me. Live and learn, and even better if you learn it the hard way!

Jori (Nailgunner): From my experience, it?s not always the older guys who know the things better. I?ve met some really stupid old fuckers and some younger fellows who really have an idea about how things work in this life. If someone tells me that he knows things better just because his older than I am, that guy will get my dearest disrespect.


How would you like your band to be remembered amongst the Thrash Metal audience when your band has ceased to exist?

Tuberculosis (Witheria): We will make a comeback tour after ten years of absence. After that we will be remembered as a band that disappeared with the cash.

Kusmar (Witheria): I want us to be remembered as the best looking Thrash Metal band in the world. Ha, bullshit?!!  😉  I want people to remember us for the great songs instead.

Niko (Bloodride): Bloodride played a good ol? Thrash Metal? that sums it up really!

Teemu (Bloodride): Ugly dudes, but nice music?  ;=) 

The shredding has just got STARTED…!!!” – N A I L G U N N E R  

Sightless: I hope our stuff is offered to those looking for a good neck-workout through violent headbanging, to those who seek their supreme individuality in the age of Aquarius, and all others that choose to live instead of pretending to be devout, blessed and alive forever.

Burning Empire: We want to be remembered as a band that made a bunch of great songs, played loads of great gigs and always respected the old school stuff? and artists? and Slayer while still adding something new to the genre.

Jope (HateFrame): The best Finnish thrash band ever. Man, how did they do it?

Tom (Murdread): As a band that kicked ass, made some great songs, hostile but clever lyrics and ripping guitars and blazed the shit out of the stage when they played live!

T Metal N (Py?veli): They may have not been the greatest and most gifted musicians in the world, but their attitude was amazing!! 

S o l i t a i r e 

Riku (Solitaire): ?The band that killed rock?n?roll?? Haha! Well, in fact this is only a theoretic question, ?cause we?ll never cease to exist! We?re all ageless ? like phoenix from the ashes or a vampire out of the coffin. And if one day Solitaire really does cease to exist, so will I and I don?t care what people think of us, when I have 6 feet of soil over my mouth!

Sami (Nailgunner): We?ll be honoured if we?ll be remembered at all.

Jari (The Scourger): We would be liked to be remembered by our hard-hitting and intense live shows and of at least two good songs.


Then as a last thing I would like to ask from each of you to reveal your TOP 5 Thrash Metal albums of all-time for the readers of, what they could be and your short comments for each of your picks, too? So go ahead dudes…

Riku (Solitaire): My favorite Metal albums are mostly from the traditional British genre, but if we narrow it to the actual Thrash Metal albums, I would say REIGN IN BLOOD by Slayer, probably the strongest album entirety ever, short but effective. Then there?s SEVEN CHURCHES by Possessed, rotten vocals but I really admire their guitar work, especially the leads. Testament?s THE LEGACY is also one of my favorites, it?s got some traditional Metal -influences on it, with some great catchy choruses. The same goes for FISTFUL OF METAL by Anthrax, really catchy tunes and Neil Turbin?s voice is just outstanding. Finally, I would pick Kreator?s TERRIBLE CERTAINTY, for me the finest moment in European Thrash Metal.


Jori (Nailgunner): My favorites change every day. I?ll still give it a try.

Destruction – INFERNAL OVERKILL: Weird sounds + really strange riffs = Greatness all the way!
Onslaught – POWER FROM HELL: Simple and destructive, great songs and tight playing.
Death Angel – ACT III: A versatile and challenging album. I especially love the singing on this album.
Kreator – ENDLESS PAIN: The best riffs of all time! Brutal and merciless ?til the bitter end. I can?t understand why most people still prefer PLEASURE TO KILL or COMA OF SOULS to this masterpiece.
Exodus – BONDED BY BLOOD: An undeniable classic! Great riffs and the sickest vocal delivery ever!

Sami (Nailgunner): Fucking impossible question of course, but today I feel like this:

Onslaught – POWER FROM HELL: The riffs, the sound, the overall gloomy feeling.
Celtic Frost – MORBID TALES: Perfect.
Exodus – BONDED BY BLOOD: Violence.
Sacrilege – BEHIND THE REALM OF MADNESS: Fuck Slayer, this has the tightest and catchiest riffs of all time!
Destruction – INFERNAL OVERKILL: Bestial Invasion! 

Teemu of Bloodride keeps an eye on YOU…!!

Niko (Bloodride):

Slayer – REIGN IN BLOOD: This The Record!!
Metallica – MASTER OF PUPPETS – My personal favorite of all times.

Dark Angel – DARKNESS DESCENDS: This is just so fucking awesome?!!
Hobbs Angel of Death – S/T: Killer Thrash Metal from Australia!!
Sepultura ? BENEATH THE REMAINS: Classic? timeless?

Teemu (Bloodride): Well, there were so many important albums of them but here?s some:

Slayer – REIGN IN BLOOD: Metallers? ?mass hypnosis?, I guess.
Testament – THE LEGACY: This opened my eyes back then.
Carnivore – RETALITION: I dunno how Thrash is this, but it?s just a total blast with it?s attitude and all.
Anthrax – AMONG THE LIVING: Shut up and mosh!
Metallica – MASTER OF PUPPETS: As kid I listened to it every day.


Kusmar (Witheria):

Kreator – EXTREME AGGRESSION: The title tells it all.
Sodom – AGENT ORANGE: Good production and good songs. Simple as that.
Kreator – FLAG OF HATE: A classic!
Metallica – RIDE THE LIGHTNING: Marvelous songs.
Dark Angel ? LEAVE SCARS and especially ?Immigrant song? off that album. What a pervert Led Zeppelin cover! 

Tuberculosis (Witheria):

Sodom – AGENT ORANGE: Brilliant songs and Frank ?Blackfire? kills! 
Kreator – PLEASURE TO KILL: Pure raw attack! Rips your ears off!
Slayer – REIGN IN BLOOD: Needs no introduction. Just amazing.
Testament – THE NEW ORDER: Great, catchy songs and killer leads.
Stone – NO ANAESTHESIA: Great musicianship and riffs.


 H a t e F r a m e

Jope (HateFrame):

Stone – NO ANAESTHESIA: Simply the best album ever made by anyone!! There are not enough superlatives to describe the greatness of this album.
Exodus – FABULOUS DISASTER: Still awesome stuff after all these years. Made a huge impact on me when it was released and still spins in my CD-player weekly.
Slayer – SOUTH OF HEAVEN: I have always liked this one more than REIGN IN BLOOD, which is also in my top 10 favorites.
Forbidden – FORBIDDEN EVIL: Not so well known than the ones above, but Forbidden has been one of my favorite bands since the late 80?s.
HateFrame – SIGN OF DEMISE: Just because.

Tonmi (HateFrame):

Slayer – REIGN IN BLOOD: Like it should be done.
Slayer – SOUTH OF HEAVEN: Slower side of Slayer still maintaining all
HateFrame – SIGN OF DEMISE: Like it should be done nowadays.
Kreator – PLEASURE TO KILL: Totally underground lo-fi stuff. Listen to the whole album and feel like you’ve been hit by train.
Megadeth – all albums: They have their own style.

Make (HateFrame):

Slayer – SOUTH OF HEAVEN: Immortal classic.
Slayer – REIGN IN BLOOD: Same as above.
Forbidden – TWISTED INTO FORM: Great album from an extremely underrated band.
Kreator – EXTREME AGGRESSION: Their best.
Sabbat – DREAMWEAVER: Very impressive lyrics.

Ilkka (HateFrame):

HateFrame – SIGN OF DEMISE: The best old school Thrash Metal album since the 80’s.
Metallica MASTER OF PUPPETS: The best Metallica album. Great songs.
Mokoma – KURIMUS: GOD HATE US ALL: My favorite Slayer album. Just very powerful and intense
Metallica – RIDE THE LIGHTNING: Another great Metallica album. Almost flawless.

Eza (HateFrame):

HateFrame ? SIGN OF DEMISE: The best Thrash Metal album ever.
Slayer – REIGN IN BLOOD: One word?Brutal!!!
Slayer – SOUTH OF HEAVEN: A bit slower, but still hits like a hammer.
Slayer – SEASONS IN THE ABYSS: Brilliant album
The Haunted – ONE KILL WONDER: So is this one.


Seppo (The Scourger):

Slayer – REIGN IN BLOOD: One hell of a ride from start to finish, amazing riffs an even more amazing drumming.
Sepultura – BENEATH THE REMAINS: Good guitar harmonies and very intense and angry stuff. Sepultura’s finest moment.
Testament – THE GATHERING: Dave Lombardo on drums makes this an instant classic. Say no more.
Metallica – KILL ?EM ALL: The name of the album says it all.
Exodus – TEMPO OF THE DAMNED: The old farts made an album that not many people in the world can ever make. The riffs and solos are golden. 

Jari (The Scourger):

Slayer – SOUTH OF HEAVEN: The dry sound on this was a brave move from Rick Rubin and the band. The songs are perfect. 10 points to Lombardo. Live Undead!
Slayer – REIGN IN BLOOD: 29 minutes of pure magica!
Exodus – ANOTHER LESSON IN VIOLENCE: A fierce live album. Extreme triggering, the vibe is great. This could be an example for anybody.
At the Gates – SLAUGHTER OF THE SOUL: The masterpiece from Sweden. Way ahead of it’s time.
Dark Angel – DARKNESS DESCENDS: This place could be filled with 50 other albums as well, but let it be this one today.


Tom (Murdread):

Megadeth – R.I.P.

Jaakko (Murdread):

Megadeth – R.I.P.

Chris (Murdread):

Death – HUMAN
Cynic – FOCUS
Sepultura – ARISE


T Py?veli N (Py?veli):

Slayer – REIGN IN BLOOD: Thrash Metal!! 
Whiplash – POWER AND PAIN: Great riffs!!  
Razor – EVIL INVADERS: Great sound!!  
Living Death – VENGEANCE OF HELL: Great vokills!!  
Exodus – BONDED BY BLOOD: Great songs!!  

T Metal N (Py?veli):

Sodom – IN THE SIGN OF EVIL: The best band in the known universe!!  
Kreator – ENDLESS PAIN: Total Thrash Metal!!  
Merciless – THE AWAKENING: Fast aggressive slaughter!!  
Onslaught – THE FORCE: The best British album!! 
Dark Angel – DARKNESS DESCENDS: This album totally kills!!!  

Burning in darkness… BURNING EMPIRE


L?n? (Burning Empire):

Sepultura – ARISE
The Haunted – THE HAUNTED

Jonttu (Burning Empire):

The Haunted – THE HAUNTED
Mokoma ? VALU

Teemu (Burning Empire):

The Haunted – THE HAUNTED
Strapping Young Lad ? CITY
De Lirium?s Order ? VICTIM NO. 53

Jules (Burning Empire):

The Haunted – THE HAUNTED
Metallica – KILL ?EM ALL

Risto (Burning Empire):

The Haunted – rEVOLVEr
Sepultura – ARISE
Slipknot? IOWA


Sightless: They?re not all Thrash Metal… like I said, we?re not that limited with different genres. Hope that?s ok though.

Teemu (Sightless):

At The Gates – SLAUGHTER OF THE SOUL: Simply unmatched.
Decapitated – THE NEGATION: Causes a serious pain in my neck. Shows a brutal strength of a modern reinforced Thrash Metal.
Kreator – COMA OF SOULS: still one of the best albums ever. I?m not ashamed to admit this is the only Kreator disk in my shelf.
Slayer – SEASONS IN THE ABYSS: No top Thrash Metal list without a single Slayer album. And this is THE Slayer album for me!!! 
Deicide – LEGION: Beauty lies in blasphemy.

Jaska (Sightless):

Slayer – REIGN IN BLOOD: This needs no explaining? just listen to it and the killing can begin!
Destruction – ANTICHRIST: This is a very nostalgic piece of Destruction. We used to play ?Dictators Of Cruelty” as a cover from this album with my friends. That was a long time ago, but still this fukkin’ kicks ass!! 
Kreator – PLEASURE TO KILL: This is what I call pure Thrash Metal!! The aggression, the speed, the violence? What more can you ask for?
Sodom – AGENT ORANGE: This album is a good basic “shot in the head” album which makes you bleed!!!
Death – SCREAM BLOODY GORE: No excuses, only pure killing spree in a Speed/ Thrash form.

Rolle (Sightless):

Destruction – ANTICHRIST
Annihilator – ALL FOR YOU

Tero (Sightless):

Behemoth – DEMIGOD

Ipe (Sightless):

Impiety – KAOS KOMMAND 696


Thanks a lot for spending time to do this interview for and best of luck with your band!! If you have any messages to the readers of, then feel free to use that opportunity for it now. The rest of the space has been reserved for them anyway, so…

Seppo (The Scourger): Thank you, thank you! Visit our website and listen to the sound samples. Don’t forget the guestbook! The Scourger thanks and the readers. In the meantime, stay heavy! 

Jari (The Scourger): Thanks Luxi for the tricky questions. Don’t forget to witness us live on stage and feel the power of the almighty whip!

Niko (Bloodride): Thanks to you Luxi? Stay Metal!! 

Teemu (Bloodride): This sure was some interview! Thank you very much for this Luxi! Also cheers to all of you who read this to its very end. Remember that Uncle Bloodride needs you!! 

Sightless: You must know Luxi how important job you?re doing with these kind of works, so I?ll spare you from overwhelming glorifications and simply thank you for the interesting and informative questions. I hope my answers were as illuminating as your questions. To the readers of I send my greetings, reminding that the final truth behind all bands lies in their music. Information is good for creating images, but there?s no match for the feeling of a demonic blast beating through your body – leaving you speechless, senseless and Sightless. Never stop bloodshed!! 

 SOLITAIRE -warrior

Riku (Solitaire): Thanks for the interview and my best regards to all the readers! Go and check out our albums, but Solitaire will not take responsibility for any neck or spinal injuries caused by an excessive headbanging? Cheers!

Tuberculosis & Kusmar (Witheria): Visit our website at or Skeletor is coming to get you! There are three demos to download. Keep on thrashing and don’t pass out in the snow.

T Metal N (Py?veli): Thrash Till Death!!!!!! 

Jope (HateFrame): Check out our new album SIGN OF DEMISE and visit

Jori (Nailgunner): All those into a brutal, skull-crushing Thrash Metal slaughter should check us out in! Support Metal and bang that fuckin? head! 

Sami (Nailgunner): Stay Evil!! 

Burning Empire: Listen to Slayer, drink beer and enjoy life, remember to use condom for not releasing anymore of these assholes here, there?s already a plenty of them enough! Stay metal mates!!! 

Tom (Murdread): We’d like to thank Luxi and for this opportunity! Also thank all our fans worldwide for the support and feedback, KEEP UP THE DREAD! For the readers that are not familiar with Murdread, you can download our music and videos from our web site, so enjoy!

A message to the musicians: We are looking for a full-time bass player to join Murdread!! If you got what it takes, then don’t hesitate to contact us!


 Toni from NAILGUNNER proves to be a metalhead…  ;=)



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