Visions Of Atlantis – Cast Away

Reviewed: March 2005
Released: 2004, Napalm Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Werner Fiedler, Mike Koren, Christian Stani, and Chris Kamper formed ‘Visions of Atlantis’ in 2000, and later that year the guys were joined by Nicole Bogner; making the band complete. To me this sounds like symphonic, classic, melodic heavy metal, without any heavy guitars. Nicole’s voice maybe fits to this music, but certainly not Marios. He sounds as if he sings in a rock band, not a metal band. He has a weak voice and hardly any vocal capacity at all. A fast description of Vision of Atlantis could be that they sound almost like Nightwish, but without Tarjas vocal ability.

On this second album the band runs through nine tracks; that are almost nine tracks too much. This band does nothing for me, and I look at them as a Nightwish wannabe. I have a few positive things to say about Vision of Atlantis though; Nicole’s voice sounds better in this more so than Marios, the cover art looks quite good, and they have skillful musicians.

If you want a lighter version of Nightwish you can check out this band, but otherwise, don’t. Napalm Records will re-release a re-mastered version of the bands debut ETERNAL ENDLESS INFINITY, featuring new cover art.


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Track Listing:
Send Me a Light
Cast Away
Realm of Fantasy
Pharao’s Repentance
State of Suspense
Last Shut Your Eyes

Lost (Bonus video clip)

Nicole Bogner – Lead vocals
Mario Plank – Lead vocals
Miro Holly – Synthesizers
Werner Fiedler – Guitar
Mike Koreu – Bass
Thomas Caser – Drums