Conspiracy – 3000 Crosses

Reviewed: March 2005
Released: 2004, Mad Messiah Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

As you can tell from the album title and cover art, the 9/11 attacks on the USA inspired the band to dedicate the album to this tragedy. The Conspiracy is the band that features former Imagika bassist Michael Dargis. As mentioned in an earlier review of the band\’s demo, Michael has since switched to guitar. His playing has improved since the demo, notably with the lead playing and faster riffing. The sound of the album is decent for an indie release but could still use some polishing. Mainly the drum sound needs work; it is too thin and weak sounding, and to a lesser extent, the guitar sound needs cleaning up.

The few constructive criticisms that I made when reviewing the band’s demo have all been corrected. Last time out, even though I overall liked the demo I was hearing a “grunge-metal” sound and the songs never got heavy or fast enough for my personal tastes. I was hoping to be reminded of Imagika to be honest…even it was just a slight influence. With 3000 CROSSES the band has gotten heaver, songs have on the whole gotten faster, the leads have improved, as have the riffs. Of course, a reviewer should always try to offer some constructive criticisms of an album so as to help make the band look at their faults and improve on them. So you’re wondering what ole EvilG is gonna complain about this time eh? Well as mentioned in the intro to the review, I am not thrilled with the sound. It’s not horrible, but it’s holding the band back. Some of the songs on here, mostly the middle of the album, lost me. Every time I listened to the album I kind of forget it was on by the middle part until again getting back into the album for the ending songs. So let’s look at the songs I did like then….

The opening track, \”Brainwashed\”, actually has some nods to Michael\’s former band Imagika. Some of the riffing and the chorus reminds me a bit of Imagika. The song\’s solo also rips. \”The Way We Pray\” continues with some cool fast thrash-influenced riffing. Then it’s the title track, \”3000 Crosses\” which is about the 911 tragedy. The first couple minutes of the song is a ballad and then turns to a mid-tempo power ballad. After this track is where I kept losing track of the song that was on as many blended together. My attention isn’t grabbed again until “The Conspirator” with it’s wicked heavy riffs at the beginning. “Sin” also has a nice crunchy beginning but the song goes off into slow clean guitar parts ¾ way through that kind of lost me. The closing track, “Shine”, is a re-done version of the same song from the demo. This time it is added to and comes across much better.

Although I like this album more than I did the band’s first outing, they still have a few things that need improvement. If the steps they’ve taken between the demo and this album are any indication of how things will progress, I think we could soon have a band that some will be calling ‘the next big thing’….at least in terms of real heavy metal.


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Track Listing:
1. Brainwashed
2. The Way We Pray
3. 3000 Crosses
4. Hellride
5. Lost
6. To Fly
7. I Spy
8. Left Behind
9. The Conspirator
10. Unknown Faces
11. Born Again
12. Sin
13. Shine

Michael – Guitar
Jim – Vocals
Matt – Drums
Pete – Bass




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