Reviewed: March 2005
Released: 2004, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

A young 4-piece band called Burning Empire from Finland claims proudly that their music is “fast and violent”. Well, I can pretty much subscribe to that as well because they surely sound like a Thrash Metal band for my relatively experienced ears. Without going into the details of Burning Empire’s history, let us simply get to the point now and take a glance at the songs on this demo.

“By the Face of Destruction” is, in my opinion, a pretty awesome-sounding Thrash Metal song with its somewhat surprisingly violent and furious atmosphere. It has at least two truckloads of catchy riffage present in it, hate-filled and aggressive vocals by Jules Näveri, some pretty darn insane drum work by Jonttu Kauppinen and basically contains lots of status as a true Thrash -monster. GREAT fucking song indeed, from beginning to end. “Rail of Beyond” has nearly as much essential and vital charisma as a kick-ass Thrash Metal stormer as the title track only having an unfortunate tendency to be a bit repetitive at times. Other than that, I still like it. “Siantappo” is a more mid-paced tune, being spiced with momentary fast parts, and with a healthy dose of variation even if it doesn’t have the same kind of an immortal effect on me like the first 2 songs. The kind of effect that could crush both of your knees by the first hit.

The last song here is called “The Needle” and has some nice Slayeresque -riffs in it, but despite of that, is my least favorite song because some clean and honestly even a bit annoying clean vocal parts somehow manage to ruin the song’s ultimate quest to become the ´Thrash Metal Demo of the Year´. Please just get rid off all of these clean vocals on your next release and forget everything that some other Finns may have done on certain releases. Thank you sincerely very much in advance.

I would reckon Burning Empire is one of those new Thrash Metal acts we should keep our eyes on in the future as BY THE FACE OF DESTRUCTION shows a lot of potential already for some bigger things ahead of them.


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Track Listing:
01. Face of Destruction
02. Rail of Beyond
03. Siantappo
04. The Needle

Jules Näveri – Vocals
Teemu Ylämäki- Lead guitar
Länä Varjola – Guitar
Risto Roine – Bass
Jonttu Kauppinen- Drums