Pegazus, Dark Order, Vengeance Live In Australia

Pegazus, Dark Order, Vengeance
Annandale Hotel, January 22, 2005

Live review and all photos by Brat

Has it really been two years since PEGAZUS played in Sydney? Did I miss a gig during one of my European adventures? Doesn?t time fly. After getting through what felt like a cerebral haemorrhage only two hours earlier, I picked up my little digital camera (I avoided my SLR as I still have 30 rolls of film to develop) and managed to drag myself to the gig. Ah, the wonders of modern drugs.

It?s a great band that still plays after over ten years and still manages to bring out to ?old? metal crowd from retirement. However, the turn-out was nowhere near as big as 2003 as one of Sydney?s newer, excellent thrash bands, VATICIDE, featuring ex-DUNGEON drummer Steve Moore were playing a few suburbs away.

In true Brat fashion, I missed the opening band, VENGEANCE, who play a set of 80s covers, including Megadeth, Metallica and Judas Priest. I?m not sure if this is accurate, but someone mentioned it was their last show. I?ve never heard of them. I hope it?s not true as I?d really like to see them as there were mixed reports on the quality of their performance.

I was surprised when I read DARK ORDER was the support on the night, but I like that DARK ORDER are playing shows when the bill has a variety of metal genres. How else are you going to introduce your sounds to a new audience. I was also surprised when I was told the flamboyant, leather-clad, shirtless one (aka bassist Zoran) wasn?t playing that night. I was in shock. That would be like watching Captain without Tennille, Sid without Nancy, Scooby Doo without Shaggy. Of course, this event couldn?t pass without the rumour mill working overtime, but there?s nothing to be worried about, Zoran?s going nowhere. An old friend and bassist of an old Sydney band PSI-KORE, Alex, was filling in.


DARK ORDER got on stage at the Annandale Hotel and played a set of Rise and Kill, Slaves of a Nameless God, Attrition of Fear, War has Begun, En Sabah Nur, The Terran Empire and Built of Blood, Not Stone. The sound was full enough musically and vocally even though Raul sang alone this night. Although, from what I hear Alex used to do when he was in Psi-Kore, it might have been a good thing.

It was great finally being at a venue again where the bands didn?t have to finish before midnight. There?s always something more credible about a show when a band plays late. This may have something to do with my misspent youth and hanging in a club where the headlining act would never come on before 3 am.





At about 11.30 pm PEGAZUS hit the stage, looking slightly different than the last time I saw them. Drummer Robbie Stoj stopped playing with PEGAZUS sometime in 2003 due to an injury which became quite serious. I hope he is recovering well and makes a full recovery soon. While the bassist last time I saw them, Hanny Mohamed, has been kept busy in the second BLACK MAJESTY CD, Silent Company, recording in Germany, with Piet Sielck of IRON SAVIOR, and Australia.

On come singer Rob Thompson, guitarist Johnny Stoj, bassist Joe Fata (formerly of Black Majesty, Radio Active, Wise Guys, Risque, Inuendo, Black Star) and drummer Ange ?Vuggs? Sotiro (formerly of Raptor, Dead Gerbal Love(DGL), Infantry Masters) clad in a uniform of leather and more leather ? I couldn?t have dressed them better myself. The launched enthusiastically into A Call to Arms opened the set for followed by Nightstalker.

Rob?s introduction to The Patriot was interesting, yet confusing at the time. It was something along the lines of ?This song has nothing to do with the toy we saw in the sex shop last night?. Maybe the toy?s name was ?The Patriot?.

Spread Your Wings was followed by Forever Chasing Rainbows and the ??73/?74 classic?, Hellraiser, but I shall admit by ignorance here by not knowing which Hellraiser it was.

Metal Forever was dedicated to all the people at the show in thanks for keeping bands like PEGAZUS alive and coming back. We all dutifully chanted the chorus during the sing-along with our metal fists raised in the air.

My theme song, Queen Evil, was followed by The Crusade, Breaking the Chains and the set finished with my favourite of the night, Enchanted World which was one of the stand-out songs last time I saw them. Being relatively new to PEGAZUS I was happy to see a different set this time.



One of my other favoured songs (possibly because its macabre theme) Headless Horseman opened the encore, was followed by Running Free and Wings of Steel took the cherry place on this PEGAZUS cake. I was disappointed about the thin crowd, but glad that it in no way affected PEGAZUS?s enthusiasm and quality of performance.

And, wishing to collect on a threat made to me to write a good review, I?ll say that PEGUZUS were really, really horrible…for making me wait two years to see them play again! heheheheh!








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