Pungent Stench – Ampeauty

Reviewed: February 2005
Released: 2005, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Austria’s Pungent Stench is back with another helping of politically incorrect, tasteless and offensive death metal on their cleverly titled new CD, AMPEAUTY. The running lyrical theme through the CD surrounds amputation and kinky sexual fetishes such as S&M, dismemberment, humiliation””it’s all here! The veteran band’s mid-paced death metal has always held a place in my heart of hearts because they do not take themselves seriously at all and have fun with their music while kicking the ass of the listener. The 1991 classic, BEEN CAUGHT BUTTERING, may have been the pinnacle of the band’s career but since reconvening after an eight-year hiatus in 2001, Pungent Stench seem to have been given a new lease on life with AMPEAUTY. The groove that has always existed in the band’s music remains and is much improved over that year’s MASTERS OF MORAL-SERVANTS OF SIN. These tracks are well-produced but still messy enough not to compromise the gutter mentality of the subject matter. I mean how can immortal lyrics like “She was a black belt in Bukkake/And made me cum a lot” and “She loves to strip you down/And smear your body with her poo” be encumbered by slick production??

“Lynndie (She-Wolf of Abu Ghraib)” is an ode to the female U.S. soldier charged with beating and humiliating Iraqi prisoners when photographs were leaked to the media. The band tackles the subject with their tongues planted firmly in cheek as they describe the atrocities committed by this woman but manage to put a humorous spin on it. The track is catchy as hell, too, and I defy anyone who hears it not to get off on the riffing. “The Amp Hymn” is all about romancing handicapped women and despite subject matter that would horrify 99.9% of the population, Pungent Stench run with it. Don Cochino’s grizzled rasp is perfectly suited for the track as he sounds perfectly perverted and offensive spouting gems like “When I see a handicapped/I almost wanna cum/Taking off their prosthesis/And fuck\’em in their bum.” Cochino also handles four-string duties on AMPEAUTY (Fabio Testi joined after recording was complete) and he lays down some funky basslines on this track, in particular. “Got Milf?” is one of the most fun tracks on the CD. The band lets loose with a fast section in the middle of the track that offsets the slow pace of the verses to great effect and, once again, the lyrics of this track a hoot. “Apotemnophiliac” (a person who receives sexual gratification through cutting off their own limbs) further proves that fact that we are dealing with real sick puppies here. “Same Shit-Different Asshole” is nothing but a list of every racist term known to man but the band itself is not racist. Rather they are poking fun at the people who propagate the stereotypes. I firmly believe that Pungent Stench means no ill will to anyone and they shock merely to bring light to subjects. This is a fine line to tread as misinterpretation of their lyrics and subject matter could really set a shitstorm in motion but the band is so over the top that no one could possibly take them seriously…could they?

If they haven’t done so prior, Pungent Stench have surely secured themselves a place in their own circle of Hell with AMPEAUTY. This is not for everyone and even the most free-thinking person might not appreciate lines like “Popping anal cherries/Picking dingleberries” but if you are a metalhead with a good sense of humor, like some groove in their death metal or dug that kooky David Cronenberg film, CRASH, AMPEAUTY will be right up your alley.

KILLER KUTS: “Lynndie (She-Wolf of Abu Ghraib),” “The Amp Hymn,” “Got Milf?” “Same Shit-Different Asshole”


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Track Listing:
1. Lynndie (She-Wolf of Abu Ghraib)
2. Invisible Empire
3. The Amp Hymn
4. The Passion of Lucifer
5. Got Milf?
6. Human Garbage
7. Apotemnophiliac
8. No Guts, No Glory
9. Same Shit-Different Asshole
10. Fear The Grand Inquisitor

Don Cochino””Vocals/Guitar
Fabio Testi””Bass
Rector Stench””Drums




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