Agnostic Front – Another Voice

Reviewed: February 2005
Released: 2004, MetalGeorge
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: MetalGeorge

Ah, my absolute favorite hardcore band of all time has returned with a new record, this time on the surprising label choice of Nuclear Blast. While I must admit that, on my initial listen, I wasn’t very into ANOTHER VOICE , I can say proudly that my opinion has changed after subsequent spins of this disc. Sure, Roger Miret’s voice may have seen better days (check out album low point “All Is Not Forgotten” as proof), and the band’s glory period of VICTIM IN PAIN and CAUSE FOR ALARM may be way behind them, but ANOTHER VOICE is just the righteous kick in the face this band needs in order to be vital again.

This record displays the band’s more metal/crossover influenced side, represented on such past albums such as LIBERTY AND JUSTICE and the forgotten ’92 gem ONE VOICE. Given the fact that both share related album titles is no coincidence, either. ANOTHER VOICE could definitely be considered the logical sequel to it’s predecessor, as it contains the same moshy, metallic riffage that was Agnostic Front’s bread and butter in the late 80s and early 90s.

What’s cool about this set of songs, however, is how they believably link that crossover sound (admittedly a dated genre, for sure) with the pure, unadulterated hardcore fury that permeated the band’s rawer, early roots. Make no mistake, within AF’s muscular metal frame beats the punk rock heart that has always laid within the band’s core from Day 1.

There are still plenty of thrash riffs and breakdowns to suit the head banging set, however. Pick any track you like: from “Peace” to “Take Me Back”, to “I Live It”, to “Casualty of the Times”, to “Dedication”, ANOTHER VOICE has plenty of wacked out solo breaks and circle pit inducing riff sections to make any metalhead proud. This is one hell of a energetic and powerful listen.

Moreover, I’d venture to say that this is indeed the best record the band has done since 1992, and is a vicious statement of intent. Agnostic Front is back with a fucking vengeance, and are taking no prisoners this time. ANOTHER VOICE is a damn fine hardcore record from a group of certified legends, and is proof that this style of music can truly move people when performed from the heart and with this kind of dedication.

Anyone remotely into hardcore music would do well to invest their time and money into ANOTHER VOICE. Fan-fucking-tastic.


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Track Listing:
1. Still Here
2. All Is Not Forgotten
3. Fall of the Parasite
4. Pride, Faith, Respect
5. So Pure to Me
6. Dedication
7. Peace
8. Take Me Back
9. Hardcore! (The Definition)
10. Casualty of the Times
11. No One Hears You
12. I Live It
13. It’s For Life
14. Another Voice

Roger Miret – vocals
Vinnie Stigma–guitar
Mike Gallo-bass
Steve Gallo-drums
Matt Henderson–guitars