Dismember : The 20th Of January 2005, Hyvinkaa, Finland

the 20th of January 2005
Klubi, Hyvinkaa, Finland
Pics and article by Arto Lehtinen

The legendary Swedish death metal squad Dismember emerged for the four gig tour in Finland for the first time ever, even though the band has made a visit to Finland a couple of times before. For example last summer when the death pentad literally dismembered the devoted death metal freaks at the prestigious annual Tuska Open Air Metal festival in Helsinki.

The four gig tour set off in Helsinki and a day after the opening date the death commando group tumbled down a small town, situated app. A 30 min car trip from the capital of Finland, named Hyvinkaa. To be honest it was more than eccentric as well as surprising to see them playing in a such hellhole town, well nevermind that cos missing them out on the tour would have been a unforgivable task from my point of view. The club itself looked pretty cool rock oriented, situated in the basement of a nice looking restaurant. But the stage was incredible small and narrow as getting all the equipment set up in suitable places and plus leaving some empty spots for players definitely brought a little bit problems and special arrangements.

A couple of Finnish groups named Omnium Gatherum and Bonegrinder had been booked to be opening acts for Dismember on the short Finnish tour. Both the domestic bands handled their part bearably without causing any extra mass hypnosis enthusiastic reaction  amongst the crowd. As to the attendance in general, unfortunately less than 100 had dragged their bodies to testify Dismember in action. It is kinda hard to figure out where all the local death metal freaks were, apparently the infernal blizzard scared them to stay at home. Wimps !

Before Dismember unleashed by letting death metal napalm rain over, the polite and friendly vocalist Matti Karki recalled Dismember’s recent South American tour and especially their hot experiences on the tour in Brazil. Where riot polices had been called to secure the Dismember guys on one of those gigs and on the alert for possible unexpected chaos and mayhem since a plenty of raging people outside a gig place wanting to get inside without tickets were about to let hell break on loose.


Despite the low attendance, but it was obvious only true death metal fans had arrived to testify the old school Stockholm death metal onslaught. The pentad kicked ass during one hour death by whipping the crowd damn hard. The opening title track off from the highly anticipated WHERE IRONCROSSES GROW kicked the night off and was followed by a bunch of classic Dismember tunes picked up from different albums. Especially the material of the first album being a real death metal jewelry classic as well as the last one had a strong obvious dominating role in the night’s set list. Especially Casket Garden and Skin Her Alive literally skinned the audience alive.

The communicating between the band and the audience was definitely funny to follow as both people in the frontline and the band offered beer drinks to each other and shouted weird hilarious swedish slogans. Dismember once again showed what death metal is all about and definitely swept off both the opening bands. The whole band was in damn good spirits and didn’t let down the local audience and all in all enjoyed being on the small stage by having good sense of humour by having a tongue-in-cheek attitude.


The giantic bass player Johan Ronneback (Necrophobic, Nifelheim)  has fulfilled his job to Dismember perfectly as a new bassist by replacing Richard Cabeza who is living in Texas nowadays.  Both Ronneback and guitarist Persson’s ultimate looking headbanging and bass-guitar work were marvellous to follow and watch. Whereas Karki was concentrating on tormenting the mic and guitarist Blomqvist tore his guitar part. The band’s primusmotor Fred Estby skinned his drumsets in a small corner between two huge loudspeakers.

But even though the gig suffered from the low attandance, it didn’t ruin the night. Instead it was definitely a mindcrushing death metal blast given by Dismember. Hopefully Dismember would roll over Finland again.

Where IronCrosses Grow
Casket Garden
Tragedy Of The Faihtful
Skin Her Alive
Forged With Hate
Life-Another Shape Of Life
Where Angels Fear To Tread
Of Fire
Sword Of Light
Dreaming In Red