Satyricon: Dec 2, 2004 The Pound, San Francisco, CA USA

The 2nd of  December 2004
The Pound, San Francisco, CA USA
Review and pics by Stacy Young


Eager to see Satyricon and Infernal Majesty I ventured forth into the cold one Thursday night and went to the Pound.  I?m not a huge fan of The Pound, a SF venue located in the lovely Hunter?s Point neighborhood.  For those of you unfamiliar with the area, the club is in a warehouse district aka gangland turf so remote that if you call a taxi to pick you up, the dispatch will tell you they will NOT send a cab there.  Most people I know don?t like going to the middle of nowhere to see shows and if they do, they inevitably get lost on the way.  The club is pretty small and unless you are right in front of the stage or standing on a chair at the merch table, it?s pretty hard to see anything.  It?s one of the few clubs I?ve been to where the toilets are more dimly lit than the club.  You can barely see the shower curtains that substitute for toilet stall doors. I hadn?t been to the club in a while and this was the first time I?d seen the recently erected giant walls surrounding the property.  I?m told the walls were to make an enclosed area for tourbuses, but it makes the club look like a fortress or even a prison camp.

The local band that was slated to open the gig cancelled.  Apparently their drummer didn?t show up.  And to think Bay Area residents wonder why there isn?t a popular and supportive local metal scene.  I?m told that another local band played in their stead, but nobody at the show talked about them.  I discovered that Infernal Majesty had completely dropped off the tour.  The club and merch guys didn?t even know why.   It appeared to be that the forebodingness of the club was working quite well.  It worked so well that I arrived late and missed 3 Inches of Blood. I?m told they were much better than their Manowar influenced cover art. 

I arrived at the show just in time for the start of the set change for Satyricon.  The club wasn?t as full as I expected considering the stature of Satyricon in the black metal scene.  Perhaps it was the fact that it was a Thursday night instead of a weekend.  More likely it was because drummer Frost was not behind the kit since he was unable to get a visa in order to enter the US.  Filling in for him was Slipknot member Joey Jordison.  There were a few Slipknot devotees who wore their masks. 

Finally the waiting was over.  Satyr and company walked onstage and launched into ?Walk the Path of Sorrow? from Dark Medieval Times.  The crowd went wild for Satyricon on their first headlining US tour.  Heads were still banging and fists were still pumping as they played five songs from the new album, ?Volcano? interspersed with ?Filthgrinder? and ?Prime Evil Renaissance? from Rebel Extravaganza.  Suddenly they went back to the vaults and played ?Hvite Krist Dod.? People were still going crazy as they band finished the song and left the stage.  After the mandatory screaming, stomping and chanting for the band, they returned onstage for an encore.  Satyr mentioned how earlier in the year metal had lost one of the best when Quorthon died.  In homage to him, Satyricon covered Bathory?s ?Raise The Dead.?  I thought the pit couldn?t get any crazier, but it did when ?Mother North? started up.  Unfortunately it was also the last song.  Despite all the last minute lineup changes, the Satyricon set did not disappoint.  They proved they really are the legendary Norwegian black metallers.