Leash Law – Dogface

Reviewed: August 2004
Released: 2004, Black Lotus
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Interesting release by an interesting new band. Leash Law (dumb name and all) are a super-group with everyone on board having some degree of metal experience and or credibility. There is quite a lot of history behind the members in this act.

This sounds very much like Priest’s Jugulator. Before you get upset, by that I mean, it is a nice mix of European metal styles and American metal styles. Wade black can sound a lot like Ripper showing again he is a killer vocalist and just needs that band to bring him into the elite class of singers. Range, power he has it all. The solos on this disc are killer, very traditional solos with lots of shred which is a contrast to the chugging slower riffs, an odd mix but not unfavorable. The songs are mostly mid-tempo but there are a few faster ones, but never truly takes off for the sky. We know Richard Christy can play faster than this.

I’m being a bit generous with my grade perhaps because although there is nothing truly exceptional about this act, the songs are good and the mix of styles is really something I haven’t heard much before. It took me a bit to get used to it…imagine an early 90’s guitar tone, heavy and loud in the mid-range like Pantera, chugging riffs with euro-speed metal solos and the Ripper on vocals. An odd blend to be sure but that is part of the appeal.

It’s quite odd to see a band like this on the Black Lotus label as they generally stick to death metal and black metal. I think maybe the production budget could have been a bit bigger because the guitar tone was not pleasant. The solos were clear enough but the rest of it had a mildly annoying buzz to it. The mix seemed a bit flat as well. It need more kick. The packaging is OK but I didn’t like the cover very much or the title, come to think of it. If those are the worst complaints you could do worse to pick up this new band.


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Track Listing:
1. Fight
2. Dogface
3. Stealing Grace
4. Hail to Blood
5. Banion
6. Better When Betrayed
7. Martial Law
8. Hellhole
Paving The Way

Wade Black-vocals
Rick Renstrom-guitar
Emo Mowery-guitar
Stephen Elder-bass
Richard Christy-drums