Brides of Destruction – Here Come The Brides

Reviewed: August 2004
Released: 2004, Mayan Records/Sanctuary Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Bass player Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe) has formed this new band. I think you already know Mr. Sixx and Mötley Crüe. When they were laying low and fighting with each other, Sixx decided to start up Brides Of Destruction with another famous man from L.A Guns, Tracii Guns. Scot Coogan isn’t a newcomer either, as he’s been in the boy band All 4 One and played with Vanilla Ice and Sinead O’Connor. The only unknown person in this all-star band is singer London LaGrand. The band originally started with another drummer, Kris Kohls from Adema and he plays on some of the songs here, but he left when his band went into the studio. John Carabi (Mötley Crüe, Ratt, Union) was also a part of the group in the beginning as an additional guitar player, but he’s no longer part of the band either.

Most of the nine songs were written by Sixx and Guns, but LaGrand helped out on a few. The album was recorded at Klown Studios in Santa Monica, CA by Stevo Bruno and mixed by Steve Thompson at Long View Farm Studios. Bruno has created a very garage-like/dirty soundscape with a lot of attitude and space for the guitars and lead vocals.

Brides Of Destruction gives a bit of a shattered impression at first, as it feels like they have problems deciding what style of music they’re going to play. The style is everything from sweaty glam/sleaze/punk rock ’n roll with a lot of attitude to slow and up-tempo ballads.

The album opens up real hard with the first track “Shut The Fuck Up” which is a fast/hard/ straight in your face sleaze rock ’n roll track. Guitar and lead vocals are at the top of the mix and LaGrand has a lot of support in the chorus. Before you have time to catch your breath they fire into the next song \”I Don’t Care\” which is also a glam/sleaze track but without the punk influences. The tempo slows down on the following track “I Gotta Gun” which goes really slow in the verses. LaGrand’s vocals are mixed to the top and the music stands back a bit. In the choruses the tempo rises and Guns turns up his guitar a notch. This song is an up-tempo ballad. “2x Dead” is a straight dirty rock ’n roll track with a lot of attitude. LaGrand and Guns both take a big part in the mix. “Brace Yourself” is also a dirty track like the previous one with a lot of tempo changes. The song isn’t particularly fast but still heavy. The next track is “Natural Born Killers” where the music is heavy rock ’n roll influenced by ‘60s retro rock. This track falls out of the framework of what the previous songs sound like. “Life” has an intro with only guitar and vocals before the rest of the band joins in. There are some glam/sleaze tendencies but most of the song evolves around heavy rock ’n roll. The only thing LaGrand sings in “Revolution” is the chorus ‘cause it’s not much of a verse here. The final track is “Only Get So Far,” which is a slow ballad where LaGrand shows that he’s got a really broad vocal range. This song has big potential to become a radio hit. Guns shows that he’s really skilled on guitar and that he can play more than just dirty riffs and sharp guitar solos.

Even though HERE COMES THE BRIDES sometimes sounds a bit shattered, it’s not bad at all. With Mötley Crüe taking a break, Sixx has delivered the strongest record anyone in his old band has ever done. Vince Neil’s solo albums are below standard, Tommy Lee’s Methods Of Mayhem didn’t impress either, as well as his solo album NEVER A DULL MOMENT.

If Brides Of Destruction can decide which musical direction they want to go in the future they could go really far. Anyone who likes Mötley Crüe should take a closer look at this new band ‘cause this an excellent substitute while you wait for things to happen in the Crüe camp. Brides Of Destruction has been playing in Europe this summer to support HCTB.

My personal favorite tracks are “Shut The Fuck Up”; “I Don’t Care”; “ I Gotta Gun” and “2x Dead”.


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Track Listing:
1. Shut The Fuck Up
2. I Don’t Care
3. I Gotta Gun
4. 2x Dead
5. Brace Yourself
6. Natural Born Killers
7. Life
8. Revolution
9. Only Get So Far

Nikki Sixx – bass, vocals
Tracii Guns – guitars, vocals
Scot Coogan – drums, vocals
London LeGrand – lead vocals