Crionics – Human Error-Ways To Self Destruction

Reviewed: July 2004
Released: 2004, Candlelight
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Poland is cool. More specifically Polish metal is cool. The prolific spawning ground of crushing metal, Poland is sure to eventually rival Quebec, Florida or Sweden. Another example? Crionics!

Album number two for the band, HUMAN ERROR was originally released in 2002 but is now available to the rest of the world via the good people at Candlelight. A cool cover greets our eyes, looking almost power metal in style but is betrayed by the classic semi-legible logo. They use a nice purple colour scheme and the look is designed and drawn by Jacek Wisniewski, an up and coming metal artist who has worked for such acts as Marduk, Vader, Krisiun, Sinister, Malevolent Creation, Hades, Houwitser, Grave, Decapitated, Sceptic and Symphorce. Check out his website at

I’m really coming to enjoy this whole style of melodic death and blackened thrash. I feel this blending of unrelated styles was pioneered by bands like Despair and Demolition Hammer and it really seems to have caught hold these days. Of course some don’t like chocolate with their peanut butter or their melody with their death but I personally do.

Crionics have a very sophisticated approach to blending styles, instead of just ramming them together songs flow and ebb between various facets of various sub-genres to create a cohesive whole. Speed is the predominant element and a moderate black Metal vocal delivery interspersed with a death growl that never gets too guttural or low.
The pace is pretty relentless the band blasting through ten tracks without looking back reminding us of the glory days of some thrash acts. The CD also starts off with one of the better intro sound clips I have heard in a long time.

The band looks more like a thrash bands, black leather, spiked arm bands and so on, no corpse paint, few props, no much in terms of image. Lyrically they dwell quite a bit on religion. It has been said that areas with heavy religious influence help breed the kind of angry, anti-religious lyrical stance that Crionics have adopted. They are mature enough to stay away from simplistic ‘Kill God! Satan Rules!’ lines, and despite several but forgivable translation transgressions the lyrics were interesting, defiant and at times thought provoking.

Keyboards play a surprisingly large role in the bands sound, moreso providing different sounds, dark sounds mostly and not so much actual traditional piano based playing. The keys have large wide swaths of ambient dark noise, almost hints of dare I say it, industrial but never at the expense of ripping guitars. A lot of blast beats and hyper-thrash riffing keep the drive alive. Killer band, heavy as hell with a touch of class.


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Track Listing:
1. Satanic Syndrome 666
2. Waterfalls of Darkness
3. Lunatic Gate
4. Hallowed Whores
5. Crionics
6. Episode of The Falling Star
7. Matrix of Piety
8. Precipice Gaped
9. Sacrosanct Strength
Indoctrination Procedure

Waran-Vocals, guitars
Vac-V- keyboards