Break the Silence – Merciless Mercenary

Reviewed: July 2004
Released: 2003, Demonzend Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Malaysia’s Break The Silence formed in 1999 and went through several lineup changes before signing a three-album deal with Demonzend Records in April 2003. Their first release on Demonzend is MERCILESS MERCENARY and now that the aggression and fury is finally getting released to people outside of Southeast Asia, Break The Silence is ready for world domination. They deliver a punishing mix of death, grind and thrash with parallels to Krisiun, Morbid Angel, Sodom and Hate Eternal.

The sinister intro, “Undead,” sets the mood with unintelligible vocals and sound effects that lead directly into the brutality of “Scroll of Anger.” The riffs, solo and blindingly fast double bass are impressive enough, but A.P. Hellthroat’s fast, slurred growls are also quite remarkable. The speed never lets up and on “Pleasure In Blood,” a bit of groove makes its way into the mix despite the breakneck pacing. “Leader of Chaos,” the best track on the CD, has a cool war intro that leads into a groove-filled riff before finally launching into as yet unseen brutality. “Insanity” features some more stellar screams and roars from Hellthroat and a squealing riff to close out the song. “Insanity” is perhaps an ode to the band’s regular lead guitar player, Wan, who is currently institutionalized for an unknown psychological problem. The bass intro of “Hellfuck” promises another uncompromising attack and delivers in spades. Certainly the fastest of the bunch, this track ends with such fury and aggression, it is scary. The forty second intro to “A Chant For An Army of Detestation” and the acoustic outro, “Hittoh,” show that this band has more talent than just whipping out speed and aggression, too.

MERCILESS MERCENARY is a promising debut from Break The Silence. Brutality, speed, aggression and just a touch of rhythm and groove make it an exciting release from this young Malaysian band. With a stable lineup seemingly in place and Demonzend Records behind them, Break The Silence is a band to watch.

KILLER KUTS: “Scroll of Anger,” “Pleasure In Blood,” “Leader of Chaos,” “Insanity”


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Track Listing:
1. Undead (Intro)
2. Scroll of Anger
3. Pleasure In Blood
4. Vilify
5. Sinner
6. Leader of Chaos
7. Abdicated
8. Insanity
9. Flea-Faced God
10. Takhlifwallatashrif
11. Helllfuck
12. A Chant For An Army of Detestation
13. Hittoh (Outro)

A.P. Hellthroat””Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Ali””Lead Guitar
Dol Deathgrezzor””Bass
Hezree Flix””Drums




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