Notre Dame – Demi Monde Bizarros

Reviewed: June 2004
Released: 2004, Osmose Productions
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

WOW…this is some weird stuff! Goth, industrial, doom and black metal are mixed with sound effects and odd passages to create a very unique and interesting listening experience. Led by Snowy Shaw, the drummer of Dream Evil and formerly Mercyful Fate and King Diamond, Notre Dame is WAY out there in terms of music. The cover reads “Songs about sex, satan and sado-masochism,” but these songs seem to have a theatrical quality, something like White Zombie or Marilyn Manson would do if they decided to join forces.

The horror film inspired instrumental “The Thing” opens the CD and launches into “Munsters!,” a speedy, thrasher with Shaw’s creepy vocals croaking over top. “My Ride Into Afterlife” has a cool opening riff and outro solo courtesy of Jean-Pierre De Sade. Vampirella’s sexy, breathy vocals take over on “The Stripper,” while Shaw’s Manson-like delivery on “Verbal Diarrhea” make for an oddly catchy tune. “The Master, The Servant And The Slave” rips off the riff from “Black Sabbath” without apologies. “Hitmusic For Hitmen” uses some great samples and effects that combine with a downtuned riff and powerful drums that produces a great groove. Notre Dame attempts the Nancy Sinatra classic, “These Boots Are Made For Walking” on one of two bonus live tracks. Vampirella’s slinky vocals are certainly perfect for the song, but I’ll still take Megadeth’s version from KILLING IS MY BUSINESS…AND BUSINESS IS GOOD!”

DEMI MONDE BIZARROS is a challenge to listen to. The songs are SO busy and have dozens of things happening at once making it a little overwhelming at times. Snowy Shaw isn’t exactly a great vocalist either, so Notre Dame comes off as a bit of a novelty act rather than a “real” band. I don’t think Shaw expects massive sales of this record and there may be an audience out there for this type of music, but it certainly isn’t for everyone.

KILLER KUTS: “Munsters!,” “My Ride Into Afterlife,” “Hitmusic For Hitmen,” “Demi Monde Bizarros”


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Track Listing:
1. The Thing (Instrumental)
2. Munsters!
3. The Ride (Instrumental)
4. My Ride Into Afterlife
5. The Stripper
6. Verbal Diarrhea
7. Bon Voyage Mutherfucker! (Instrumental)
8. The Master, The Servant And The Slave
9. Beyond The Threshold Of Pain
10. Hitmusic For Hitmen
11. Demi Monde Bizarros
12. S/S Hellride (Instrumental)
13. These Boots Are Made For Walking (Live)
14. The Wurld Is Sick…And So Are We (Live)

Snowy Shaw””Vocals/Keyboards
Jean-Pierre De Sade””Guitar/Bass




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