Abaddon Incarnate – Dark Crusade

Reviewed: June 2004
Released: 2004, Xtreem Music
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Nothing wins a dose of deathly Grindcore in a day, right?! Abaddon Incarnate started out as Bereaved in 1991 already – playing Death Metal back then, have finally got a lethal iron-fistful of songs together for their 3rd full-length (and their first for a Spanish label Xtreem Music), unleashing 16 new songs on this brand-new offering of theirs. First off, I have always been a bit fan of some, ´quality´ Grindcore. From the old-school Grindcore bands, the well-known classic foursome from Napalm Death to Carcass to Terrorizer to Repulsion, are the ones that have managed to impress most me and sucked my brains out over the years – and out from the ´new-school´ Grind bands, such grinding noise terrorists as Nasum and Rotten Sound have absolutely been the two leading troops on their well-built path to please me musically without any kind of doubts.

Then, on the other hand, I must confess that I feel a bit guilty for never having a chance to become familiar with this Irish 4-piece Grind -torpedo named Abaddon Incarnate. The guys, more than obviously, seem to know how to play a tightly packaged Grindcore that cuts like a heated-up knife a mountain of butter. Most of the time, however, the band has this tendency to sound like a lil´ brother of early Napalm Death, minus 25 miles per hour. Nah, or make it minus 30 miles per hour. Or whatever… But you got a picture anyway, didn´t you? Actually you are able to hear from everything that the guys aren´t in a wrestling tournament for the first time. They grind many of their competitors down quite nicely indeed with a style that only a few can be real proud of nowadays. Good Grind is always good Grind, as my ears always are willing to tell me…

The songs on DARK CRUSADE vary from 1-minute outbursts of a full-blown aggression and brutality to 2 and a half minute ´lenghty songs (ha!)´ – and damn, this shit sounds good. It really does, so if you think you well-executed and even at times a rather technically played Grindcore is your cup of tea, then you should apparently know what might me a good financial investment next… ;=)


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Track Listing:
01. Centerfold Redemption
02. Dead Again
03. A Kandarian Odyssey
04. Carrion Caresses
05. Self Portrait of Hatred
06. 1756
07. Terminate My Battery
08. Embrace the Vicious
09. Meat
10. Philosophy of the Elite
11. Entrusted with Disgust
12. Now Below
13. He Sells Agony
14. Eternal Solitude Forbidden
15. Global Bastardisation
16. Hour of the Dog

Bill – Vocals & guitar
Steve – Vocals & guitar
Cory – Bass
Jason – Drums