Eyes of Fire – Ashes to Embers

Reviewed: May 2004
Released: 2004, Century Media Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Eyes of Fire are another debuting band from Orange County U.S.A. that Century Media has taken under its wings. The bands roots begin several years ago with Mr. Kaufman (vocals, guitar) and Mr. Fisher (vocals, bass) who were members of a band called Mindrot. Mindrot did 2 CD’s, 3 EP’s, 4 demos and participated on a bunch of compilation albums that created a huge fanbase. But when Mr. Kilbourne on drums left the band, the rest of the guys decided to retire Mindrot and that created the for Eyes of Fire.

The search for new members began immediately. They first looked for and found a keyboard player (Mr. Smith). Then they took in Mr. Haddad on drums, and last but not least a second guitar player was hired (Mr. Petersen) completing the lineup. The band started off making demos and touring the US West Coast with bands like Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, Lacuna Coil and Napalm Death. This earned them a reputation for being a very well-rehearsed and intense live act. In 2001 they recorded an official demo that Century Media found and they signed on for a worldwide deal. Eyes of Fire had already enough material for two albums so they went straight into the studio to record. They recorded their album at the beginning of 2003 in Maple Studio in southern California with producer Cameron Webb. Two months later the debut was finished. Mr. Webb has done a terrific job with the production and sound. On the promo copies they have put 11 tracks plus a bonus track for Europe.

It’s kind of complicated to describe the kind of music Eyes of Fire play because it’s a mix of several different styles. They have a very dark and atmospheric sound with a lot of heavy guitars. Judging from the cover it should be strictly metal but the music is a mix of metal and some punk/hardcore with Fisher and Kaufman sharing lead vocals.

The music is a bit hard for me to listen to and it takes a while before you can enter the musical landscape built by Eyes of Fire. I think the band wants too much with their music and by that I mean they come off as sounding very disjointed. If you like a musical challenge you should take a closer look at this.

According to the info note that came with the CD, the only thing that counts when the debut is out is worldwide domination, something that I clearly doubt will happen.


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Track Listing:
The End Result Is Falling
Fly Away
One More
Last Goodbye
Disintegrate (Bonus Track)

Fisher – vocals, bass
Kaufman – vocals, guitar
Smith – keyboard
Petersen – guitar
Haddad – drums