Persuader – Evolution Purgatory

Reviewed: April 2004
Released: 2004, Noise Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Since this CD was covered quite effectively last month by our very own Night of The Realm, I won’t go into too much detail with my review. I do however feel compelled to say something about this band since I’ve followed them since their debut demo VISIONS AND DREAMS. Since day one the band was great, but it was on 2000’s THE HUNTER that I lost my mind and considered them the second coming. It’s been four years since THE HUNTER first graced my ears, and even though the band has had some rough times in those years, EVOLUTION PURGATORY was worth the wait.

The main evolution that the band has made in the past four years is in the heaviness department. The band can still be called power metal but it’s not happy happy Helloween power metal at all. This is dark and at times thrashy power metal that will win over fans that normally do not listen to melodic stuff. New guitarist Emil Norberg picks things right up where the band’s previous guitarist left off and takes them to new heights. His style is not the same, but still fits the bands sound as he rips it up throughout the album. Everything else about this has also improved: the drumming, song writing, signing, melodies, etc…fucking brilliant, head ripping, jaw dropping, ass kicking POWER metal. The only minor criticism I can possibly make about this album is that Piet Sielck of Iron Savior should probably of stayed off the mic for the backing vocals. I love how the choruses on here sound so huge and full, but in a couple places it sounds like the “Iron Savior” choir are backing up the band. Since I love Iron Savior, this wasn’t a problem for me, but I think they could of done the huge vocal chorus sections with his direction and supervision and not with it sounding like Iron Savior. However, that’s the only possible minor criticism I can make of this entire CD. The songs might not be as immediately catchy as some of their past material, but give it 5-10 listens and that will change and you’ll be singing along with every chorus at least. Some of my favorites on here would be: “Strike Down”, “Sanity Soiled”, and the song that was on our VOLUME I release, “Raise Hell”. However, all songs on here are killer.

As always, I still have high hopes for this band. Seeing them signed to Noise Records is satisfying because the band deserves to be heard…global domination is next!!


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Track Listing:
1. Strike Down
2. Sanity Soiled
3. Masquerade
4. Godfather
5. Turn to Dust
6. Passion Pain
7. Raise Hell
8. To the End
9. Fire at Will
10. Wipe Out

Jens Karlsson – vocals/guitars
Emil Norberg – lead guitar
Fredrik Hedström – bass
Efraim Juntunen – drums




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