Reviewed: November 2003
Released: 2003, Xtreem Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Oh my unholy Lord… oh my oh my… WOW!! I´m kinda speechless and definitely blown away by the newest signing of the Spanish Xtreem Music, Vorkreist. Vorkreist come from France and I´m a bit surprised by myself that I have never heard of these guys before even if the band was formed in Paris, France in 1999 already!!? Vorkreist play a very savage, brutal, raw and dark old-school Death Metal – just like in the good ol´ days, a bit something into the vein of Severance, Necrovore, Dr. Shrinker, Incubus and a couple other acts that I cannot get popped out of my mind right now. Everything on SABBATHICAL FLESH POSSESSION sounds like you could have been thrown back to the mid/end of the ´90s; and specifically back to the underground tape trading scene when shitloads of new interesting discoveries were made in terms of brutality and sheer aggressiveness. Vorkreist have re-found some of that sadistic Death Metal magic and mayhem into their own blood-stopping sound and they do their stuff such a convincing yet adorable way that it almost forces me to dig up all my old Death Metal demos out of the cellar once again, giving me a couple of good enough reasons to cherish that type of sound even a little bit more that I may have done just as of lately.

Vorkreist´s infernal growler by his nickname ´SojR-KhaSM´ has a truly wicked and evil voice which he doesn´t hesitate to use ruthlessly a second from one song to the other song. He sounds like he could be possessed by Hell´s most evil demons and infamous gate keepers, growling and shrieking constantly like a goddammit lunatic and even succeeding in sending some chilling shivers down my spine every now and then. Vorkreist´s old-school sounding Death Metal is also, huh! ´extra hot and spicy´. I mean, it´s amazing and yet nearly unbelievable that they have managed to capture so many tastefully ripping and totally slaying riffs, catchy tempo changes and insane rhythms for this album. I actually could use an uncounted amount of superlatives in order to praise them shamelessly to the skies, but I think I´ll save you from all that. Instead of that I command you to get them known better by purchasing the godly SABBATHICAL FLESH POSSESSION immediately for yourself and listen to it while masturbating under the moonlight after midnight. That´s the least you can do, believe me. Satan is my friend now and will be your friend soon… ´nema´!!

Viva la Vorkreist!! Viva la a new coming of the wicked French Death Metal!!


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Track Listing:
01. Open the Gates of Flesh
02. Dead and Devoted
03. Purified in Hellfire
04. Tread on the Cross
05. At the Side of the Beast
06. Sabbathical Flesh Possession
07. Thorntorment the Impaled
08. Infernal Communion
09. Iconophobia
10. Dawn of Terror

SojR-KhaSM – Vocals
Silmaeth – Guitar
A.K. – Guitar
LSK – Bass
Aseal – Drums