Hanoi Rocks – 12 Shots On The Rocks

Reviewed: December 2002
Released: Dece, Major Leiden Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

After a couple of years apart from each other Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy reunited and with some new members the new set of Hanoi Rocks was a fact, one of the biggest band from Finland was alive again! Hanoi Rocks has influenced a lot of bands worldwide such Poison, Guns n´Roses etc. with their glam/sleaze rock n´ roll.

They started touring long before this album was released. They have toured through their home country 3 times, the rest of Scandinavia twice and Japan amongst other countries before, during and after this album came. “TWELVE SHOTS ON THE ROCKS” continues where the band left off the first time. It’s glam/sleaze rock updated for the 21century. The album was recorded in Seawolf studios somewhere in Finland during 2002. It was produced by The Muddy Twins, Petri Majuri and Ian Vincent and they have done a great job with the production and the sound picture.

The album contains 13 tracks. Mr. Monroe and Jude Wilder has written 5 of the tracks, 4 is co-written by Mr. Monroe and Mr. McCoy, 1 has Mr. McCoy written and as usual when it comes to Mr. Monroe it is 2 covers on the album. He likes to cover other people’s music, the same goes for his solo albums where it’s a lot of covers to.

Mr. Monroe still has a great voice both live and on record. Mr. McCoy is impressive on guitar. The new members of the band are pretty anonymous both on the album as they were live on stage last year.

“OBSCURED” fast glam/sleaze rock, here Hanoi Rocks shows that they are back. “WHATCHA WANT” somewhat calmer glam/sleaze rock, very sing a long friendly chorus. Mr. Monroe impresses a lot on harmonica here. “PEOPLE LIKE ME” was a minor Swedish hit and it was released on MCD before the album came out. It could fit on any old record by Hanoi Rocks. In this song Mr. McCoy shows that he still is an excellent guitarist. “IN MY DARKEST MOMENT” a beautiful ballad where Mr. Monroe has real strength in his voice, he still glows. It’s a slow song with a longer sax-solo by Mr. Monroe in the middle. “DELIRIOUS” and “WATCH THIS” are just as the opening song a fast glam/sleaze tracks. “A DAY LATE A DOLLAR SHORT” a bit slower song again. I think that this is one of the weaker songs on the album. “NEW YORK CITY” a glam/sleaze midtempo song, also pretty weak. “”WINGED BULL” another very slow ballad. “GYPSY BOOTS” a blues like song with a lot of harmonica play by Monroe. “LUCKY” a very good, dirty glam /sleaze track, very sing along friendly. “DESIGNS ON YOU” a song that starts real slow in the beginning and then it slides over to a more up-tempo ballad halfway through the song. Very nice sax-solo in the middle.

This is a strong album by a legendary band. Even though it’s only two original members left this doesn’t feels weird at all. That’s probably because the original singer is still left and the singer, in my opinion, ARE often the band.

It’s a strong album but however some of the songs are too weak and the midtempo song feels a bit too much. Hanoi Rocks should play songs like “OBSCURED”, “WHATCHA WANT”, “PEOPLE LIKE ME” and “DELIRIOUS”, dirty, hard, glam/sleazy rock n’roll at its best.

If you’re interested in Hanoi Rocks and don’t have any albums by them you should definitely check out their back-catalogue, they are one of Finland’s best bands ever.


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Track Listing:
Whatcha Want
People Like Me
In My Darkest Moment
A Day Late, A Dollar Short
New York City
Winged Bull
Watch This
Gypsy Boots
Designs On You

Michael Monroe – Lead Vocals, Saxophone, Harmonica, Guitar
Andy McCoy – Guitar, B-Vox
Costello – Guitar
Timpa – Bass, B-Vox
Lacu – Drums, B-Vox