Motorhead – 25 & Alive – Boneshaker: Live At Brixton Academy (DVD)

Reviewed: September 2002
Released: 2002, SPV/Steamhammer
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG


The 25th anniversary live concert in London in 2000.

Who am I to pass judgment on a band with the godlike status of Motörhead? I’ve always been a Motörhead fan, basically since I began listening to metal many years ago. However, it’s only been recently that I’ve gotten more into them as my respect grows for Lemmy’s unwavering vision of what it means to kick ass by playing loud, rude and aggressive metal. If anyone has any doubts about what this means, This DVD alone will make you have a whole new appreciation for the band and their significance to the realms of metal, punk and hardcore. Motörhead is a band that has fans from all these different styles and more.

Recorded at the famous Brixton Academy in London, England, this DVD is worthy of the now 25+ years of Motörhead. The DVD is not “just another gig.” The band went all out with guest performances from many notables including: Brian May of Queen, Motörhead alumni Fast Eddie Clark, Whitfield Crane (the guy who wiggered out after leaving the brilliant Ugly Kid Joe), the metal goddess Doro Pesch of Doro and previously of WARLOCK, and many others.

There are many highlights from the live performance section that I could point out. I’ll just mention a few of the moments that stood out for me. The green lighting in “Orgasmatron” looks very fucking cool and makes Lemmy look more evil than ever! All hail Lemmy the green serpent! Doro and “Wiggerfield” Crane join the band on “Born To Raise Hell.” I could of done without Crane’s appearance as he stoops and crouches around like stage like a mallcorian primate screaming his trendy ass off. Doro on the other hand is totally metal. Unfortunately she only does back-up on the chorus. She should have sung the whole thing trading off with Lemmy. Of course, if Motörhead fans want to hear more of the Doro/Lemmy trade offs, they can pick up Doro’s CD CALLING THE WILD where Doro and Lemmy cover Motörhead\’s \”Love Me Forever\” and you can hear both on another Lemmy penned track \”Alone Again\” where Lemmy plays clean guitar with flamenco style solo!! Other live standouts for me included bringing out Fast Eddie Clark for “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch.” He looks a bit older (don’t we all?) even though his chops and bullet belt are very much intact! Also, how can I not mention the great Mikkey Dee? I’ve always thought he was an excellent drummer since I first heard him with another of metal’s greats – King Diamond. Mr. Dee really gets to show off his talent on the track “Sacrifice” complete with drum solo. Some people find solo sections boring, but when done right they rule! Rounding out this truly powerful trio is long time member Philip Campbell on guitars. The man rips and roars and wails through some great leads.

Besides the Brixton concert (which was filmed with 8 cameras and is mastered in Dolby 5.1 Surround) the DVD is packed with bonus features such as a photo archive, TV appearances and interviews, the videos for \”God Save The Queen\” and \”Sacrifice\”, acoustic bonus track of \”Ain\’t No Nice Guy\” featuring Lemmy & Phil both playing acoustic guitars, and a very cool 4-song live performance from 2001\’s Wacken Open-Air Festival in Germany.

25 AND ALIVE… is sure to please all fans of Motörhead from the diehards who’ve been there all along, to newer fans checking the band out for perhaps the first time. More on the DVD including info about the hidden extras are at:


No Videos Available

Track Listing:
1. We Are Motörhead
2. No Class
3. I\’m So Bad (Baby I Don\’t Care)
4. Over Your Shoulder
5. Civil War
6. Metropolis
7. Overnight Sensation
8. God Save the Queen
9. Born to Raise Hell
10. The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
11. Stay Out of Jail
12. Dead Men Tell No Tales
13. You Better Run
14. Sacrifice
15. Orgasmatron
16. Going to Brazil
17. Broken
18. Damage Case
19. Iron Fist
20. Killed by Death
21. Bomber
22. Ace of Spades
23. Overkill

Technical Details:
Format Reviewed:
Run Time: 3 hours
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Production Year: 2002






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