Neurotica – S/T

Reviewed: August 2002
Released: 2002, Koch/Smackdown! Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Pete

Florida’s NEUROTICA gives hard rock a kick in the guts that is well needed with their self-titled sophomore effort released last month. Featuring ex-Atheist member Kelly Shaefer on lead vocals, Neurotica offer hard rock minus the rap that a lot of today’s bands tend to feed the airwaves. It’s not surprising that they’ve been recently added to the main stage at Ozzfest

First single ‘All My Friends Crush You’ features heavy guitars with a mid-tempo chug that just grooves smoothly. Opener ‘Ride Of Your Life’ was used as the theme song for one of the WWE’s latest pay-per-views, (no doubt the connection to Smackdown records owned by the World Wrestling Federation) and I’m sure ‘Stars In My eyes’ is a contender for a future single. ‘Up In The Hay’ has a COC-type swagger to it, while ‘Don’t Blow It Away’ has your head nodding from its opening chord. Unfortunately, a lot of people label Neurotica with bands like Disturbed and Creed which is really unfair as they have a little something more to offer: crunching guitars with some good melodic vocals .After all, when you’ve been discovered by AC/DC’s frontman Brian Johnson and Vince McMahon’s label’s got your back, that says a lot……


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