Dungeon – A Rise To Power

Reviewed: August 2002
Released: Augu, Limb Music/SPV
Rating: 0.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is a band from Australia with bandleader Lord Tim and also a new acquaintance for me. According to the liner notes Lord Tim could be considered as being Kai Hansen from down under. Lord Tim started Australia’s first power metal band Dungeon together with Brandon, Steve and Stuart. Their biggest influences are Helloween, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray and you can hear the influences from the first and the last band shine trough incredibly in their music. The band signed a record deal in Japan \’96 and released the debut “DEMOLITION” which was a demo. On only six weeks the demo had sold 5,000 copies. With the second album “RESURRECTION” the band claimed their position in their homeland with a lot of touring that followed. They toured along with Yngwie Malmsteen, Edguy and Nevermore. They also headlined the two biggest metal festivals in Australia – Metal for your brain and Metal Warriors metal fest.

Now it’s time for their third album and they also are going to conquer the rest of the world this time. All of the songs/lyrics/music is written by the band. They have used two different studios in their home country, drums and vocals are recorded in ReR Studios all of the other instruments are recorded in SLS Studios. Lord Tim and the rest of the guys has produced and mixed the album and they have done a great job. On this third album Dungeon have put 12 tracks which 3 are instrumental and the title track are featured two times, one time with vocals and one time a shorter instrumental version.

Lord Tim has a voice that suits the music but his vocal range doesn’t impress at all, he also does most parts of the guitar solos. Stevo has a heavy drum sound and Stu does some pretty good riffs on rhythm guitar and he does some solos as well. If you haven’t guessed it earlier Dungeon plays melodic power metal and they sound just as any other power metal bands. They are a standard band that doesn’t impress at all or they don’t stand out in any way in this power metal boom that’s going on right now. I can hardly think that they are going to conquer the world with this album or that they have the capacity to do that. And to say that Lord Tim is a Kai Hansen is all wrong, not that I’m a big fan of Kai but Lord Tim doesn’t come near what Kai has achieved trough the years. But if you want some more power metal to listen to this could be something. But as usual I recommend some other greater power metal bands like Dream Evil, Edguy and Helloween are just a few of the bands who are much better than Dungeon. I haven’t heard albums of theirs but this didn’t impress at all.


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Track Listing:
The Prophecy
A Rise To Power
Nerherlife (Black Roses Die)
Insanity’s Fall
The Other Side
Where Madness Hides
Lost In The Light
Life Is Back
The Birth: The Trauma Begins
A Rise To Power (reprise)*

Lord Tim – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
Stu – Guitar, B-Vox
Dakk – Bass, B-Vox
Stevo – Drums, B-Vox