Terror 2000 – Faster Disaster

Reviewed: May 2002
Released: 2002, Scarlet Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

The Swedish retro thrash invasion continues when the retro thrash project (or can it be called project any longer?), Terror 2000. Consisting of guys from Darkane and Soilwork, Terror 2000 have put out their second release, \”Faster Disaster.\” Obviously influenced by the ecstasy of the deadly speed of the motor racing, judging by the front cover as skeleton with the wings on the back waving the huge flag. As far as the track list is concerned, it features \”Killing Machine,\” \”I’m Speed At Night,\” \”Infernal Outlaw,\” and, of course, the mandatory, but surprising, formula-based track \”Formula Flame Feast.\” Hmmm. . .Are the Terror 2000 guys aware that Sweden doesn’t have any Formula One drivern, but instead there is Kenny Brack cruising in the CART serie, or is this tune dedicated to the Ferrari star Michael Schumacher?! Just wondering because of Scarlet being an Italian label….Errg..What the heck…

The debut album already testified and turned out to be a helluva good retro thrash package carried out with the serious attitude without having the tongue in cheek like several other bands of the same kind. Instead, Terror 2000 is a seriously-taken thrash combo. The whole deadly gasoline 10-tune album has been produced by the band itself and the sound quality is definitely awesome. The album goes through with the full force ahead like Kenny Brack or Michael Schumacher on tracks without slowing down until the finish line has been reached.

Wanna get a real thrashing ride?! Get Terror 2000 and face the real faster disaster!!


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