Tad Morose – Matters of the Dark

Reviewed: May 2002
Released: 2002, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Tad Morose are another band who have put Bollnas, Sweden on the map–well, at least for me! Tad Morose are no newcomers to the metal scene. Formed in 1993, MATTERS OF THE DARK is the band’s 7th album following the remarkable album UNDEAD (2000).

If you are a fan of (Morgana) Lefay and Savatage, then you have to check Tad Morose out immediately! The similarities are strongest when hearing the vocals of Urban Breed (believe it or not that is his real name. Ha!). He sounds a lot like Zachary Stevens with hints of Charles Rytkönen from Lefay. The music itself it not quite as diverse as Savatage or as heavy as Lefay but it fits right in with those bands. Mr. Rytkönen of Lefay even makes a guest appearance on the title track “Matters of the Dark,” which was nice to hear since I absolutely love all the (Morgana) Lefay stuff!! The level of musicianship found in this band is high. Christer Andersson and Daniel Olsson on guitars have an excellent sense of melody and know when to shine or play what is right for the song. The band themselves produced this album and they’ve done a decent job! Other album highlights include “I Know Your Name,” which begins with a riff that is reminiscent of Fight’s “Nailed To The Gun” but the similarities end there, as the song gets more melodic. “In The Shadows” reminded me of older Queensryche in the guitar riff department and backing bass line. Another stand out track for me is “Another Way,” which sounds like a great 80’s metal song with melodic and catchy vocals. The solos in this song also stood out, very nice indeed! The main riff and intro for “Riding The Beast” had me thinking of Jake E. Lee styled riffing from THE ULTIMATE SIN album. Too bad the rest of the song didn’t have that feel to it! There are lots of songs on here that will stick in your mind after listening just a few times.

If you’re looking for some well-written heavy metal then Tad Morose deliver. Fans of bands like Savatage, Lefay, Onward, older Queensryche, etc. had better add MATTERS OF THE DARK to the shopping list!

Label: www.centurymedia.com
Band Website: www.morose.com


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