Reading Zero – The Actual

Reviewed: April 2002
Released: 1998, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Mosquito

Reading Zero is a progressive act based right out of the good ol’ USA. So far they have released two self-released albums and are working on their third now. If you’re into progressive metal at all you will love these guys. I find it odd that no labels have picked these guys up yet because the talent is there. There are a lot of 80’s metal/rock influences on this album and I love it. Reading Zero will be going to ProgPower 3.0 and I hope their live performance will really show off their talent. Thankfully I will be lucky enough to see them play. None of the tracks on the album are bad or even sub-par, it’s just a really hardcore-asskicking-progressive-killer album. I really dislike making comparisons sometimes because it really isn’t fair to the band. However, if you like any Symphony X type of sound, you WILL love this. Personal favourites are “The Charade”, “Strategy”, and “Amongst The Clouds”. And for christ’s sake, will someone please get them a record deal. Don’t let this talent just waste away!


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