Helloise – Fata Morgana

Reviewed: March 2002
Released: 2001, Transmission Records
Rating: 3.2/5
Reviewer: Rick

It seems to be common place now for bands to get back together after being apart for years. Maybe after so many years band members who didn’t see eye to eye in their youths mellow with age. Maybe it’s the upswing in the popularity of heavy music. Who knows. But the way I look at it, if these bands want to get back together and make music .. So be it. It its good people will buy it. This leads me to a reunion of the band Helloise. Helloise was a popular mid 80s hard rock band out of the Netherlands that release 2 albums, COSMOGONY and POLARITY, before they broke up. When those 2 aforementioned CDs were re-released in 1998 the band got back together for a tour and recorded a new disc entitled A TIME AND A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING. The latest release from Helloise is FATA MORGANA. The founding members Ben Blaauw: guitar, Stan Verbraak: vocals and Ernst Van Ee: drums are joined by guests Robby Valentine: keyboards, Lana Lane: vocals and Sascha Paeth: keyboards.

Unfortunately I cannot compare this new version of Helloise with their old incarnation as I have not had the pleasure of hearing any their old material but if this new stuff is any indication of how good the band was then I missed some great music. FATA MORGANA is pure melodic metal. The band show their powerful side on tracks “The Game and the Rules”, the instrumental “Mirage” and “Wings of an Angel”. This last track is the best on the CD and showcases the great vocals of vocalist Lana Lane. Other standout tracks include “Dreammaker” and the ballad “Wasted Time”.

For those that are interested, Sasha Paeth not only appears on this CD but he also added additional production mixed the disc. Overall the production is crisp and clear thanks to Helloise and coproducer Hans Pieters. The artwork is also top notch and carries right through the whole CD booklet. All in all a good CD for those who like their metal on the melodic side.

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