Burning Inside – Apparition

Reviewed: March 2002
Released: 2001, Crash Music
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: Cid

Ok, Here we have Richard Christy (of Iced Earth fame)’s band. BURNING INSIDE brings us EVE OF THE ENTITIES’ successor and I must say I am very well pleased in many aspects and more like annoyed on some others. So here we go!

Mainly the album is a great piece of Death Metal, the vox is good, the song writing is interesting and the drumming is insane, insane being a double-edged word. Richard Christy gives us a taste of really great drumming all over the album, complex structures, ultra fast drumming, the works! BUT the problem is sometimes you forget this is a band and start thinking someone is cleaning the rugs out in the yard. Too much drumming! Sometimes it’s good, sometimes like in the intro to “Carnage Remains” it’s just awkward, out of place. This has potential, don’t Malmsteem the band!

I won’t go into a song-by-song review of this great album, but if I must recommend a choice cut from this baby, check out “The Fog”. This is one of my absolute favorite tracks in a while. Absolutely brilliantly executed from all points of view. So in all, get this album if you have a taste for brutal yet melodic metal! You won’t be disappointed.


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