Fastway – Trick Or Treat-Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Reviewed: October 2001
Released: 1986, Columbia Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: CrashTest


What could be more appropriate this time of year than an entire album based on the coolest holiday of them all? As a teenage metalhead in the 80s I had maybe 15 cassettes that I wore down to a frazzle. These metal albums were not only a musical assault on my impressionable senses, but essentially became a way of life for me. This soundtrack was among those 15 cassettes. Two decades later and I still get a kick out of this one when I pull it out, though I recognize now it’s not necessarily the greatest album ever made. And yes, I have upgraded to CD.

Unlike most soundtracks, Trick or Treat is entirely performed by one band. That band is Fastway, the group that former Motorhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clark formed after his parting of ways with Lemmy. Fast Eddie wields the axe with razor-sharp precision throughout the 9 songs that make up the album. Vocalist Dave King supplies the perfect sound for the album, as his voice has the perfect 80s hairband attitude. I’ve occasionally wondered what became of the old boy, but just been too lazy to do some research on an internet search engine. The music most closely resembles AC/DC in attitude, sort of like Krokus did, though not quite as blatantly and with more metal bite. Though the film is camp horror, the music is not hokey. I think the guys really did try to make a serious album, while making sure the music fit the film’s storyline. The better songs include Trick or Treat, After Midnight and Stand Up. A classic album that will always have a special spot in my 80s metal shrine.

By the way, it wouldn’t hurt anyone to go out and watch the movie either, though it’s not a classic by any stretch of the imagination. The story is based around a friendless high school metalhead who is devastated when the leader of his favorite band is killed in a fire. A this unsuspecting teenager soon learns … metal lives! The dead metal legend is recalled from the grave when his record is played backwards and all hell breaks loose from there. Cameos from Gene Simmons and Ozzy will bring a smile to your face.


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