Reviewed: September 2001
Released: 2001, Century Media Records
Rating: 3.9/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Brazil\’s biggest exports to the metal scene since Sepultura, the true riders of doom Krisiun, have reached some sort of a turning point in their career with their 4th full-length album called AGELESS VENOMOUS that will either place them on the top of the most leading troops of Death Metal forces with bands like Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Six Feet Under and the likes showing the way into extremes – or leaving them just a couple of important steps behind the other masters of blasphemy, mayhem and death.

After CONQUERORS OF ARMAGEDDON, their previous, highly acclaimed and successful release – and 1st on their new label Century Media Records, my expectations were running pretty damn high towards their next output; I was wondering silently in my mind how they are ever going to top it as that album indeed was nearly a perfect Death Metal release – every Death Metal maniac\’s wet dream, sort of. Well, worry not because AGELESS VENOMOUS hits you still hard as a wet whiplash – and it sounds like the Krisiun´s war machine has been loaded with almost all those same lethal elements that were to be found from C.O.A. album already.

Right off the first soul exploding moments of \”Perpetuation\” all the way to the last song, \”Sepulchral Oath\”, there\’s just no question that AGELESS VENOMOUS is a 100% Krisiun record!! The Kolesne -brothers and Alex Carmago have yet again reached that point on this 10-song blitzkrieg-ish Death Metal creation that any other band of the same calibre can be no match for these guys as far as the furthest edges of brutalities go. They are indeed a few steps ahead of their school fellows of this particular genre in a technical brutality and in a sheer savagery, and I don\’t think these dudes can be tamed by either any of the current trends or by getting even more famous than they already are, in the coming years. We already know where Krisiun comes from, so what is meant to stay brutal, will stay brutal possibly forever. Time will certainly tell…

Unfortunately I can\’t completely help comparing AGELESS… to their previous attack on CONQUERORS…\” either. There\’s a tiny regression to be noticed production-wise on this new record from Krisiun because the production is a bit too polished and clinical to fit into the aggressive realms of the band, in my opinion at least. The guitar sound could have been a bit rawer, too – just like it was presented on C.O.A.; more of that chaotic vibe for the guitar sound would have done some miracles for the wholeness for sure. On the other hand, maybe it\’s me who\’s just wailing over nothing and in vain – being an \”assholic\” disgruntled metalhead like I tend to be from time to time.

\”Dawn of Flagellation\”, \”Evil God\’s Havoc\”, Saviour\’s Blood\”, \”Serpents Specters (instr.)\” and \”Ravenous Hordes\” are all some of the best Death Metal songs written in 2001. And no doubts, Krisiun are becoming the leaders of the Death Metal genre in no time; they\’re absolutely no followers any longer…


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Track Listing:
01. Perpetuation
02. Dawn of Flagellation
03. Ageless Venomous
04. Evil Gods Havoc
05. Eyes of Eternal Scourge
06. Saviour\’s Blood
07. Serpents Spectres (Instrumental)
08. Ravenous Hordes
09. Diableros (Instrumental)
10. Sepulchral Oath

Alex Carmago – Vocals & bass
Moyses Kolesne – Guitar & keyboards
Max Kolesne – Drums