Motley Crue – The Dirt (Book Review)

Reviewed: July 2001
Released: 2001, Regan Books
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG


One of the more famous and better selling rock autobiographies, Motley Crue’s sordid existence is documented in excruciating detail. Rock studies 101 on what not to do.

Finally!!! The Crue have released an official biography telling all the sordid details of their career from childhood memories, their early rise to glory, sex, death, drugs, jail, sex, strippers, booze, whores, porn stars, sex, drugs, band member changes, fights and more sex. Yes sex has been quite and inspiration for the band, probably less so for Nikki who’s raison d\’etre at times became his next fix. The band has made so many mistakes, yet they seem to usually come out on top even if events changed them.

After reading this book you will scratch your hear in amazement wondering why these guys are not all dead. Well wait, Nikki was dead once, but came back to life. This band did so many stupid things and went through so much that almost each chapter could have been expanded into it’s own mini book. I really like the fact that the story is told from the mouth’s of the band members – Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars, Tommy Lee and even a few chapters written by John Corabi.

Reading this brought me back with memories being a kid and reading metal magazines with interviews with the Crue. I especially enjoyed the pre-crue history and the story up until the THEATER OF PAIN album. After this, the book was not as shocking, or perhaps you become desensitized? The saddest moment in the book is the chapter where Vince tells of the death of his daughter, Skylar. If you can read that chapter without getting choked up yourself, then you must not be human! So why else would you read this book? Well if you’re not reading it to relive your own memories of the band then there is also the humor side like reading about the Crue’s INSANE tour with Ozzy and his pee lapping and ant sniffing antics!! There is also the interest that any fan of rock and metal usually has of the inner workings of a band along with their rise and fall and return to glory. The book is not yet complete, for the story of Motley Crue lives on and there are hopefully many, many more chapters left to this band’s tale.

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