Vintersorg – Cosmic Genesis

Reviewed: April 2001
Released: 2001, Napalm/Scarecrow Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: El Cid

Vintersorg got to be known last year after their excellent Odenmarkens Son album, an amazing blend of black metal, thrash and Scandinavian folk. Vintersorg welcomes 2001 with a new offering by the name of Cosmic Genesis which pretty much stays in the same vein as their previous release with melody and fast approach everywhere. Cosmic Genesis shows off some great acoustic passages as well as some breakneck speed riffing and soloing that blends marvelously with the blackish and deep clean voice. The only big change from their previous opus is the fact that Vintersorg decided to trade Swedish for English in the lyrics. This comes off as a mistake to some and an improvement to others. I personally think that the Swedish language was a better call for this kind of music (sort of like Enslaved) since it fits in great with the folkish sound Vintersorg creates. As a whole, Cosmic Genesis has a great epic quality that serves to set a mood that’ll help you listen to the entire album in one go every time you decide to pop it into the CD player and I think it’s a must in a metalhead’s collection.


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