Quo Vadis – Day Into Night

Reviewed: February 2001
Released: 2000, Hypnotic
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

During another one of my constant searches for hard to find music on eBay, I came across someone selling Quo Vadis’ debut album Forever, likening it to Cynic and Atheist. Being the technical metal freak I am, I was naturally curious. A quick trip to the band’s web site led to some sound samples, which then led me to order both the debut and Day Into Night, their latest. Taking a purely blind chance on an album can be risky, and I thought after hearing a bit of music from Quo Vadis was a sure bet I’d be into them. But I ended up being disappointed after all.

Quo Vadis, from Canada, play high speed punishing melodic death-thrash similar to Death’s last couple albums, as well as Carcass’ Heartwork. And although they sound different, they are completely unoriginal, and their music is just too derivative of every other melodic speed-death band out there, including the two aforementioned bands. The music, at least on Day Into Night, is not nearly as awe-inspiring, technical, and convincing as Atheist nor Cynic. Sure, I respect the musicians’ abilities and talent, because they really know how to shred. Blistering speed metal riffs combined with total thrash drumming and quick double bass give the album its high energy level. And I’ll admit it, after several listens the music grew on me. But the vocals are a complete turnoff. Imagine what Jeff Walker (Carcass) would sound like after being up all night and allowed to nap for a mere six minutes before being told to sing. That’s right, a lazy and tired Jeff Walker! No power, no emotion. Maybe a bit like Swan Song, but surely not as bad as Blackstar (the post-Carcass death-rock band). So regardless how much the music grew on me after several listens, I just cannot get past these poor vocals. I really wanted to like this band, considering I had just shelled out some cash for their two CDs. But both Day Into Night and their debut Forever (which I didn’t even bother to unwrap, let alone listen to) are going into the closet with the rest of the duds.

Judge for yourself at: www.quovadis.qc.ca/ And there’s a wealth of MP3’s on mp3.com, so I urge you to check them out. Don’t get me wrong, Quo Vadis is a great band, but I know at least I’ve got better things to listen to. I’m just a picky bastard!


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