Dark Age – Psychotic Side

Reviewed: December 2000
Released: 2000, PCL Records
Rating: 2.7/5
Reviewer: EvilG

This band is from the DEEP south…not the southern USA but the unfortunately overlooked South American continent which is bubbling with dozens of bands who hail not just from Brazil, but from Argentina and in the case of Dark Age, from Chile! Dark Age was formed in Santiago in 1994 by Cesar Ascencio (lead guitar) and Luis Lemus (bass/vocals) and they are the only remaining original members.

This CD is one that you have to be in the mood to take. On my first listen I was into it, the second I shut it off…it’s kinda one of those albums that is not something that holds your attention all the way through – possibly because some songs are short on melody. The band’s sound is a cross of death metal with what some call the “Gothenburg Sound.” There is even a small bit of hardcore influence in here on some of the vocals and riffing. Considering this is from Chile, some of your might think the sound and packaging is sub-par. Well it’s not, the album has great sound and packaging. The strongest track is the CD opener “Supreme Ignorance” which has some riffing reminiscent of Arch Enemy. Since I LOVE Arch Enemy, of course I’m gonna like something that reminds me of them – without ripping them off of course! “Strong Evidence of Hostile Aggression” has lots of chunky riffing along with guitar AND bass solos! The outro is VERY fucking annoying as it repeats over and over with this squawking sound like an insane satanic parrot…WTF?!?! “Relapse” has very tasty riffing at the beginning but this one is kind of confusing with it’s thrash, death, and speed metal sounds. Then there’s the Biohazard like chanted backing vocals on the chorus. That’s kinda my hang up on here. The noisy elements and hardcore-isms take away from what could of been a killer CD.

This was a good CD for a new band. Better focus, a bit more melody and groove and the removal of the noise elements would greatly improve this bands sound. For more information on Dark Age, drop by www.darkage.cl


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