Crest of Darkness – Project Regeneration

Reviewed: December 2000
Released: 2000, Listenable Records
Rating: 2.7/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

I didn’t know what to expect from Crest of Darkness, looking at the album cover and recognizing the fact I’ve never heard of the band. But upon looking at the band photo I knew I was in for trouble. Yes, this is black metal all right. Unrelenting and brutal, but very well played and produced. Most of the time, their style is pretty typical of what you would expect from a black-thrash band. But at other times they throw in something different, such as frightening keyboard noise, atmosphere, gentle female vocals, evil whisper vocals, and blistering guitar leads. So most of the time Crest of Darkness fails to impress me, as many of the riffs and part of songs make me think “I’ve heard this before”. It’s the curveballs they throw that really help make the songs interesting. Lots of dynamics are present on this album, overall, and the music’s played very convincingly, but the album is rather short (38 minutes, and subtract about three minutes for the horrible techno-black metal album closer “Electronic Art”). And I can’t figure out if their songs are based on sci-fi, or just computers and electronics (or maybe a combination of both?). But the music works well with these types of themes. I feel a sense of imminent danger, despair, and aggression when listening to this album.

Project Regeneration, the band’s third full-length album, is a well-done slab of intense metal, but it still fails to come across as being different and interesting enough to warrant repeated spins. More information on the band can be found on their web site or at the Listenable Records site


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