Kreator – 1985-1992 Past Life Trauma

Reviewed: November 2000
Released: 2000, Noise Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

What, only a 3/5 for KREATOR?? It is true that the songs on here do deserve a 5/5 as they do represent to me what I love about Kreator. My excitement is diminished by the fact that this is the third best of CD that Kreator has done – or that a record label has made them do? Ha!!! I’m not that big of a fan of “best of” albums to begin with, especially when it’s of a band that I love like Kreator. I mean, why spend money on an album full of songs that you already have just for a few new, rare or live songs? Could it be a money grab? Is it just the band reliving past glories? I dunno… The only time I actually like a best of is when it’s a band that I only “like” and I don’t have enough interest in them to buy all their CD’s. This is not the case for Kreator, I already had all the songs on here except for the “rare” ones. The re-mastered songs from Endless Pain, Pleasure To Kill and Terrible Certainty do sound better and are also being re-released.

The songs on Past Life Trauma come from the Noise years of 1985-1992, arguably the best years of Kreator’s musical career – although Cause For Conflict from 1995 was also quite godly and an overlooked CD. In Millie’s own words “Past Life Trauma is the first Kreator best of album that has been put together according to my ideas and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do, 78 minutes of reminiscing.” The other best of CD’s were Voices Of Transgression: A 90’s Retrospective and Scenarios Of Violence.

One of the coolest things about this CD are the liner notes written by Mille. He gives a short blurb on each song and what his thoughts are on it. The photos are also neat and have never been printed elsewhere. I kind of get the impression that this booklet was done in a hurry because one of the photos are backwards and one of them covers up part of the lyrics to the song “Trauma” – too bad because “Trauma” is a previously unreleased song and is the jewel of the CD for me. This song was taken from the single for “Behind The Mirror” from 1987. It features some killer drumming by Ventor and classic sounding Mille vocals. Since I’m on the topic of what’s “rare” about this CD I’ll mention the other songs. There’s a live version of “Winter Martyrium” recorded in Germany in 1992 which is pretty cool. “After The Attack” is another song that I haven’t heard from Kreator. It was released on a promo vinyl single that came with a magazine. The final gem is a live recording of another song from Renewal – “Europe After The Rain.” This features a spoken (in German) intro which contains an anti-nazi/fascist message. Why both live songs are from the Renewal tour, I do not know.

This CD is for die hard Kreator fans who must own every CD the band has. I’m not gonna say “if you’ve never heard Kreator start here.” If you’ve never heard Kreator, besides pitying you, I’ll tell you to start out with Extreme Aggression – an eloquent, brutal (yet often melodic) piece of thrash that is one of my favorite thrash CD’s of all time! What I would of preferred to see released is a RARE CD, not a best of. They could take all the rare tracks from this CD along with those from Voices Of Transgression and Scenarios Of Violence and combine them with ALL the Japanese bonus tracks from all their releases and put that out on ONE CD filled with excellent in depth liner notes, live and rare photos and lyrics! Ok I’m totally salivating now…but this is something I’d lay down my money for without hesitation!!!


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