Ravenlords – Denying Comprehension (3 Song Demo)

Reviewed: October 2000
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Joe

Originally formed under the moniker Injexion in 1998, this group of 18 year olds from Sweden are either very creative or have a lot of free time as Denying Comprehension is the band’s fourth demo since their inception. Comprised of Oscar Jonas (bass / lead / rhythm guitar), Erik Heikne (lead guitar), Par Jonsson (vocals), and Henrik Sproge (drums), Ravenlords seem to be a band with potential. Musically speaking, the band has written some good tunes and are relatively decent players. The demo isn’t exactly flawless, but considering that these songs were recorded in only two days, the quality is rather impressive. The guys need to continue honing their songwriting and playing skills somewhat, but those are things which will improve with time anyway.

The weak link in the band is vocalist Par Jonsson. While he does turn in a competent performance, his voice is rather dull and doesn’t really fit with the band’s overall sound. It’s too bad, because this guy will (in my opinion only, of course…) impede the band’s progress and development. Ravenlords need a singer who will enhance their music, not detract from it.

Check out the band for yourself at these sites: www.truemetal.org/ravenlords & www.mp3.com/ravenlords


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