Borislav Mitic – Fantasy

Reviewed: October 2000
Released: 2000, Sahira Records Inc..
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Although this album gets a 4/5 the guitar playing deserves a 5/5! By the gods, this guy can totally shred! I think the leads on this are overall probably more faster and ripping that on his newer self-titled CD on Shrapnel Records. It’s not hard to see why Shrapnel’s Mike Varney signed this guy after hearing this CD.

The style of music on Fantasy is neo-classical shred. It has slower melodic moments like “Ave Maria” but it’s the ass kicking songs like “Fantasy”, “Master of Strings” and the double kicker “Virtuosa” which interest me. Perhaps part of the reason why I like neo-classical shredding so much is because of my childhood when my parents would play a lot of Mozart, Vivaldi and Handel. I don’t listen to those composers myself, but I do hear elements of them and Paganini in the themes and melodies on Fantasy. The CD closing track “Moto Perpetno” with it’s nonstop lead guitar and backing harpsichord is incredible! This is the kind of thing that is Borislav’s strong point. When he attempts to play something more funky in a Satriani / Via way like “Lion Heart” or “Hired Gun” it doesn’t work for me. Thankfully, that style is not pushed very much on the CD. That said, the solo in “Lion Heart” itself is still mind-blowing.

Fantasy was previously released only in Yugoslavia in 1996 and is now finally available here in North America. Borislav’s new album will be out on Shrapnel Records in 2001. It would be nice if there were a couple of vocal tracks on there. Maybe he can get one of the many former Yngwie vocalists to make a just appearance! (haha) I’m in NO WAY saying that in a sarcastic way and I don’t think that Borislav is a Yngwie wanna-be. He just happens to play neo-classical guitar and as such it is inevitable that people will compare him to the master, Mr. Malmsteen. There’s plenty room in this world for more than one neo-classical shredder! I would recommend this CD to fans of instrumental high caliber hard rock and to those who like the shredding side of guitar playing. There are no vocals on here just the breathtaking playing of this great guitarist.


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