Defleshed – Fast Forward

Reviewed: March 2000
Released: 1999, War Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

If you read last month’s reviews, then you would of read about the most awesome Defleshed CD “Under The Blade.” Well that was a 1997 release and now in 2000 their newest release “Fast Forward” has been issued in North America. These Swede’s sure didn’t mellow out between albums. This CD has upped the ante in the speed and brutality department. The is totally relentless. The cool thing about it is, even though this is ultra heavy it does not lapse into noise! This is partly due to the excellent sound of the CD and also due to the tightness of the band.

If you have never heard this band, I would advise you to first check out “Under The Blade.” It’s just a matter of personal taste, but I liked that one a little more because it has more thrash elements and the songs are not as intense for the entire duration allowing you to breathe. “Fast Forward” was a little too extreme in places for even me haha…but hey, maybe you’d be happy with the lessening of the thrash riffs and the speeding up of the songs and the drums with blast beats. If that’s what you’re looking for then check this CD out. I still like this CD a lot but “Under The Blade” will be making more repeat trips to my player. The opening track “The Return of the Flesh” is a perfect example of a mixture of Slayer-ish thrash with blackened death metal. One minute it’s a full on thrash assault then the drums slip into an area that Slayer have never reached – super intense blast beats. Depending on what mood I’m in, I can like this more than I could at other times. For example, as I write this I am in the mood for something brutal and as “The Heat From Another Sun” tears a new one for my speakers, I am very happy with this CD. However, last night I wasn’t quite in the mood to be aurally assaulted so something more relatively laid back was in order. The track “The Iron and The Maiden” (cool fuckin title eh?) begins with some very complex drumming with some nice work on the ride symbols – just one example of the fine drumming on this CD. As with their last CD the intense, chunky, speedy, thrash riffing are excellent and make up for the fact that lead guitar is not this band’s priority. Guitarist Lars Lofven also has a killer sound!! I still would of liked some insane ripping leads on here. The artwork for “Fast Forward” is totally up my alley. The cover art is nothing short of godly with three evil looking skull-faced warriors! The inside of the CD is equally cool in the graphics and layout department. Too bad full song lyrics were not included though!

Depending on what you’re into, or like me, what mood you’re in, this CD could blow you mind. If you think that thrash metal played at insane neck-break speeds tinged with a bit of black and death metal would be cool then you have to check these guys out. If you come from more of a thrash background – when you’re in the mood for something a little more brutal then say Slayer or Testament then this will fix you up real good!


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