Witchery – “Dead, Hot, and Ready”

Reviewed: January 2000
Released: 1999, Necropolis Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

The third Witchery CD in one year! It is my opinion that all Witchery albums should be released on the same day: Halloween. This stuff is pure graveyard metal! It just doesn’t sound the same any other time of year, you know? But here I am, in the dead and anything but hot winter jamming to this disc.

There is basically nothing surprising nor new on this second full-length album. But then I don’t think the band intended otherwise! Most of the material is mid-paced, but there are a few fast ones thrown in for good measure. Guitars are still tuned standard, thankfully. The riffs are in the same vein as the debut album, although they are not as catchy. In fact this album seems to lack a little bit of energy. The vocals remain unchanged, although Toxine has given us a little more variety through the use of different vocal tones. And they seem a little low in the mix too. The lyrics are still based on the same themes. It doesn’t take a genius to decipher them, and sometimes they are a little ridiculous, like the first album. Also amusing is the cover artwork. Necrolord didn’t miss anything on this one. Full moon, bare trees, darkness, windblown curtains, skulls, a dead body, witch clothing and broom, and of course Ben Wrangle doing the “W”! A nice, cold, yet funny album cover. And there are some hidden things too, like a little skeleton trapped behind a vent, some faces in the curtains, and “Ben was here” scribbled on the wall.

This album is very similar to “Restless and Dead”, which can only be expected. So there is no reason Witchery fans should hesitate. But for maximum effect, maybe you should hold off until All Hallow’s Eve! Witchery’s web site can be found at www.algonet.se/~jenocide/witchery/intro.html although it hasn’t been updated in ages. You can also visit Necorpolis Records’ site at www.necropolisrec.com


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